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By gtoman ·
I have a 3 pc network with XP Home on one, XP Pro on another and Me on the last one. The 2 XP pc's don't have Internet Connection Firewall enabled because I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router that came with a firewall installed. Do firewalls need to be upgraded and if so how do you upgrade the router firewall?

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by ITmanTPC In reply to firewalls

This is a controversial question. Some admins say to upgrade all firewalls when an update is available. Others say do not fix what is not broken, only apply updates that affect you like an exploit.

I run serveral firewalls and it is my experience that you upgrade when you need to fix or prevent something. Of course this takes extra care and attention by finding out what the exploits are and how do they affect you, but it prevents firewall downtime because of a bad update release.

But in your case, you are updating an appliance which would be the firmware. In this instance I would find out what the firmware update fixes/adds/protects before applying. If it does not apply to me, I would ignore it. But if it protects against some exploit, you may not know if you are vulnerable or not, that I would apply.

Hope that helps.

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by TheChas In reply to firewalls

If you have the same version of the BEFSR41 that I have, you are NOT protected.

The 'firewall' protection feature of the BEFSR41 is a setting in the router setup that does not allow PCs without ZoneAlarm Pro running to access the internet.

(I checked at, they no longer state that the BEFSR41 has a firewall. Their firewall router is the BEFSX41.)

So, you NEED a firewall solution.

The built-in firewall in XP is VERY simple and does not block a lot of ports that should be blocked.

I suggest that you go with either the free version of Zone Alarm, or Zone Alarm Pro.


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by wlbowers In reply to firewalls

Vendors will come out with updates for their hardware. It is usually up to you to check and do the updates.

With Linksys you download the file to your machine. You then log into the Linksys and on the help tab there will be a firmware update link. Just follow the instructions.

It would be a good idea to write down all of the settings before doing the update.


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by wlbowers In reply to

This company is offering a one year free subscription to their etrust armor.

It is excellent software.


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