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By nadir_hussain ·
what are 10 things that a firewall protects the user from and what are 5 things that a firewall cannot protect the user from

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Firewalls

This sounds like a homework question. Does you computer sciences teacher know you are posting your homework on the Internet?????

That aside, I feel like answering this, as best as I can.

"10 things that a firewall protects the user from"
1. Unauthorized access by external users
2. DoS attack
3. Security compromise
4. Virus scanning/infection
5. Information disclosure
6. Spreading a virus to others
7. Trojan programs controlling the user's computer

Umm... I can't think of anything else now without rephrasing what I just said.

"5 things that a firewall cannot protect the user from"
1. User error (i.e. "the error between seat and monitor")
2. Users opening e-mail attachments that were not antivirus-scanned.
3. Users hacking at other computers
4. Users clicking on pages that launch attacks or infect their own computers
5. Users filling out false web forms that reveal their personal information.

hope this helps

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by -Q-240248 In reply to Firewalls

depends on the firewall...Layer 7 or Layer 3 firewall? Because a layer 7 can protect from a lot more than a Layer 3 firewall. the first poster posted, and layer 3 will not necessarily protect a user from "unauthorized access".

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by s.u.n In reply to Firewalls

A firewall will not be able to protect a user from:
Viruses (through email or otherwise)

A firewall will be able to prevent the spreading of worms if configured well.

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