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Firewalls and browser incoming connections

By Wolfy9802 ·
I have McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010. Say what you want, but the AV portion of it seems to do just fine, however, I am really taking issue with the Firewall and their technical support. The firewall and their technical support (spun my wheels with them for over an hour) seem to think that both IE and Firefox REQUIRE incoming connections in the style of your favorite filesharing/p2p app in order to receive data from the website you visit. I for one know this is patently false, and even if it wasn't it seems to just plainly be a bad idea. The questions I want to put before everyone today are:
(1) Have you ever known either browser to need to accept an inbound connection?
(2) For what purpose? (Don't say Flash requires it, I already know this is false)
(3) Does it seem as bad of an idea to you as it does to me? Why (If possible point to specific security vulnerabilities in each browser that would make it a bad idea)?

Bonus points if you are able to suggest a way to get McAfee to stop giving both browsers full (inbound + outbound) connection ability. (While I am seriously considering doing so, don't just tell me to dump McAfee)

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