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firewire connections

By bob ·
I am assembling a unit in a case that has firewire ports.
The selected board does not support firewire, only USB.
I purchased a PCI to IEEE 1394 firewire card that has an internal port and interface connection.
The case's wiring for the firewire is 6 single wires. The interface connection is 6 pins, but they are marked 1, 2 & 3 down each side. The case wires are marked TPB(+)&(-), TPA(+)&(-), VG, and VP.
Can someone point me to documentation as to how to connect these wires?

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by bob In reply to firewire connections

The card that I purchased is a generic model, so there is no name to lead me to the manufacturer's website for more information. The card has a VIA Technology's chip, but their website only points toward information concerning their motherboards and not I/O cards.

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by TheChas In reply to firewire connections

The case port uses 6 individual wires because there is NO standard for the pin-out on the headers.

Did you check the driver CD / Floppy for a manual or a readme file that might have the information.

Short of actually tracing the circuitry on the board that connects to the pins, I don't know of any way to verify the header pin-out on a generic card.


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by bob In reply to

Once again, a very valuable lesson learned. I wasn't really looking for an inexpensive card when I purchased this one, just one that did have an internal connection. I saw this one that had both, internal connection and inexpensive, and I jumped at the chance to purchase it.
The old adage proves right again: "You get what you pay for"
The CD that came with the card referred only to the video software that came as a packaged deal.
The circuitry on the board seems easy enough to trace, but then again, I have no idea of which line is what, even going into the external port.
Thanks Chas. I appreciate your time.
Know where I can get a card with an internal interface, and the documentation to hook it up?

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by bob In reply to firewire connections

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