FIRMWARE Problems and Issues

By the_webninja ·
Recently I have been getting into a lot of High Performance Software, Video Editing, Digital Recording Studio type Stuff, and Now some Computer Controlled DJ Software.

In the Past I have worked with Programs such as Nero, Realplayer, and Windows Movie maker and THOSE Programs seem to automatically detect the Correct Burn Speeds of my DVD Burners. (Yes I have 2 Different DVD Burners, one 20X and one 16X DVD Burn Speeds)

The PROBLEM I am having is now I am beginning to run into "Firmware Issues" with different Software Companies who are claiming they have no Control over the Firmware that detects the DVD Burn Speeds.

When I try to Burn a DVD Movie I have made for example, the DVD Burner is Lite-On 20X Burn Speed, but the Software I am using only detects the Burn Speed at 1X or 2X when it is suppose to Burn at 20X. What can I do to fix this Problem without risking the Quality of my Burn Data?

Please Note both of these DVD Burners came with No Drivers and were Automatically Detected in Windows XP and the Website says they do not need Drivers. So the idea of "updating the Drivers" is impossible, because the Hardware Vendors do not supply Drivers for these DVD Burners.

I am presently using a Lite-On DVD RW 48x Read 20x Write.

a I/O DVD RW 48x read 16x write DVD Burner.

BOTH are having Firmware problems detecting the Correct Burn Speed.

I might point out that each Software Program I use detects a Different Burn Speed for these Drives.

Sometimes its 1x sometimes 2x sometimes 4x and once in a while 10x
But NEVER are they the Burn Speed that the manufacturer claimed they would be.

What can I do about this?


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First thing is that Firmware is not in any way related to drivers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to FIRMWARE Problems and Iss ...

Firmware is something that you load onto the Drives in question and update the ROM Chip on the Circuit Board of the actual DVD Drive in this case. But even if you get this to the newest version available the blank DVD's that you are using will still limit the speed that the units can burn at.

What you need to do is look up the Model of Litton DVD Drive and then visit their Web Site and see if they have a Firmware Update for the drive. If they do you'll see quite a lot of information about the company not being responsible if the Firmware update breaks the drive and a Firmware revision with the instructions on how to apply the Update. These may be run from within Windows or from DOS depending on the way that the makers chose to supply the Firmware Updates and if they actually do. Some makers do not offer this option and just expect you to buy new hardware to get the latter versions of the firmware that comes with their drives. Even if you can update the Firmware there is no guarantee that the current Firmware that you have installed isn't the latest available either.

Instead of looking at the possibility of Flashing the Firmware of the DVD Drives I think that you would be better off looking at the supported DVD Burners for the software that you are using and then buy suitable hardware to do the job.

Firmware Updates for Optical Drives are very similar to Flashing the BIOS of a M'Board and are not related to drivers in any way unless you call the install Utility a Driver.


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Are Manufacturer's Gulity of Fraud?!

by the_webninja In reply to First thing is that Firmw ...

Okay, I understand what you are saying, the Rom Chip in the Drives determines the Burn Speed, that combined with the DVDR Disks which are pre-set for a certain Speed.

Okay I got this part of it.
What I don't understand is Why the Manufacturer's are Promoting these Drives to operate at 20X when My software is only detecting them to Burn at 2x. My Disks are 16X Disks, so they should at least Detect 16X Burn Speed. But they are not even CLOSE!

MY Point is Why are these DVD Burners not Operating according to what is on the outside of the BOX?!
That in my point of View Constitutes Fraud.
Either you make the Product Function the way it is Suppose to, the way the Company SAYS it is suppose to, Or you are Guilty of Fraud.

I feel it is a Violation of Consumer Protection Laws for these Hardware Companies to put out DVD Burners that do not Function they way they Say they do.

My DVD Burners are Suppose to Function at 16x and 20X, I can't get any of my Programs to Detect any higher than 10x Burn Speeds.
WHY IS THAT? And What can I do to Fix it?
You say Flash the Roms in the Drives, I say Why should I have to Flash the Roms in the Drives I just Bought the 20X DVD Burner Last Week! It's Brand NEW! So why should I have to Flash the Rom in the Drive just to get it to Function Properly?

And Why to different Software Program Detect Different Burn Speeds? If everything is Determined by the Rom in the Drives (and not by the Software), then every Software Program should Detect the Burn Speeds Exacty the Same. But they're NOT! WHY IS THIS?

If anyone can give me some Solutions Please let me know.



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Yes it would be nice

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are Manufacturer's Gulity ...

Personally I would like to buy motor Lubricant that costs $15.00 a 5 litre bottle and not the $65.00 per litre but as they say you get what you pay for.

When it comes to software it is optimised for certain hardware and works well with that and not with other unsupported hardware.

When a hardware makers states that the unit can burn at such & such a speed there is a caveat on that providing that you use the recommend software that they recommend and have hardware suitable for the job that are above a certain level. In other words it's all in the fine print and is at least listed somewhere within the documentation that comes in the box how to use that product to best advantage. If you chose to ignore the recommendations then it's your problem not the makers and that is how any Court would see it as well as the Consumer Protection Agencies.

Personally I used to burn CD R on a 200 MMX Pentium with out a problem though at the time the Drives where all SCSI and cost over $1,200.00 AU a piece and the media was costing around $25.00 AU a piece but I could burn at 2 X without a problem.

But with modern Media I find that the better more costly media burns faster than the no name unbranded media that is brought for a few cents where as the same thing that costs several $'s burns faster but at over 3 to 6 times the cost is it worth the time saved?


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I got it working now,..

by the_webninja In reply to Yes it would be nice

I'm not sure WHY it started working, but all of a sudden it just started recognizing the correct Drive Speeds. But now that I have the Correct Drive Speeds I am finding I have to slow my Burn Speed down to maintain Good Quality. Otherwise I get jitters in the Video.
So yeah, now my next objective is to go with higher Quality Burners and Disks. See how that works.
Thanks for all your Help.


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You're welcome.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I got it working now,..

Glad that I could offer some assistance though I don't know what it was.


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