First attempt at Replacing a DC

By skated0rk ·
We are getting a new server Windows 2003 Enterprise(r2)that is going to replace our old server. Currently we have a Single Forest Single Domain running Windows 2000 Small Business Server. I am just hoping to get a confirmation/insight on the promote and demoting process of the DC. I am going to add the new server to the forrest and using that new server to replace the old server, NOTE **this is all happening on the same network**
I think the process is,
- Run dcpromo on the new server, for the controller type additional domain conroller for an existing domain.
- Then I have to assign static ip addresses to both servers.
- then i dcpromo the new server and dcdemote the other server
- mission accomplished?

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to First attempt at Replacin ...

There are some other steps you're probably going to want to do.

First off you want to make absolutly sure all AD data is replicated to the new DC. If the old DC is running DNS, you want to make sure that is replicated too.

More importantly, you will definitly want to move and FSMO roles from the old DC to the new. This is easy to do as long as the old DC is still up, but can be a true nightmare to try to fix after the old DC is decomissioned.

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by bart777 In reply to First attempt at Replacin ...

Normally this would be the way to go.
You are using SBS. This is a vary finicky animal. You cannot just demote this server. The SBS MUST be the FSMO role holder and global catalog server in it's domain. If however you plan on retiring the box as well as all of it's services then you are going in the right direction but your plan doesn't address Exchange server and other services like DHCP and DNS.

You might need to take a step back for a short while and re-assess your plan.

Also just an FYI. You use DCPROMO to promote and demote servers. There is no DCDEMOTE command.

If you need furterh help just let us know and we will be happy t help you thru it.

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