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First "Chassi Intruded" then "Fatal Error...System Halted" ASUS Maximus

By Zooban ·
I have an ASUS Maimus Extreme MB, 4 sticks of 2 gig OCZ ddr3 memory (8 gigs total), a Core 2 Extreme 6850 quad core Intel PCU (3 gigs per core), a Gigabyte video card, and a water cooling system by Swiftech. My opperating system is Vista 64.
I keep getting the error: "Chassis Intruded" followed by "Fatal Error System Halted." Anyone have any idea why? After I exit the bios the computer eventually locks with that message. Sometimes Vista will come online but it evenyually locks up with an audible alarm. It just feezes! Is my mother board garbage or is this a software issue? I am given no codes upon reboot. I am going out of my mind!!! I have the most recent bios from ASUS and have reloaded Vista 64 3 times! How do I fix this problem and make it go away for good?

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It's probably in the BIOS

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to First "Chassi Intruded" t ...

The chassis intrusion error can be turned off in the BIOS. And, if the BIOS is set to halt on all errors, the chassis intrusion error could be halting the system.

Start by turning off the chassis intrusion notification and see what happens.

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