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First Come To Here

By ysilent ·
I am a fresh man of Developer, I will have much problem to ask. I wish can get help from all.Thank you!!

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by 5jgibbs In reply to First Come To Here

lol i hope your grammar improves lol.. but SURE we can help.. im a bit new myself.. and i was just informed of the Q&A and that?s very helpful :). Happy asking...


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I don't get it?

by Oz_Media In reply to lol

Are you implying that everyone in the world should speak fluent English?

You have to remember, as a global forum many people don't speak English as a first language. I am amazed at the number of people who come here speaking several languages, even if not fluently. More than I can do that's for sure. I only speak English, Canadian and a wee bit of American English.

I have my "y'alls" down pat and have started to screw up common sayings such as converting "I couldn't care less" to "I could care less" (never undertsood that one, it just doesn't make sense) so Americans can decipher my intent but for the most part I am lost with US grammar too.

Don't take it too hard though, I am rather tired and abrasive right now. :)

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not tryin' to be mean

by secure_lockdown In reply to I don't get it?

but i think original poster might be from india. the famous outsourcing evil country. many a forum i frequent i see wording similar to that. makes one wonder.

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I guess Eastern Eruope

by Oz_Media In reply to not tryin' to be mean

I would guess Russia.

The poster hasn't replied so I wonder how many other nationalities we will come up with before finding out he is American after all?

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If he is American

by mlandis In reply to I guess Eastern Eruope

he's not from my old neighborhood. Maybe he's from Brooklyn?

I think you are right, Oz, his sentence structure and word order is reminiscent of a slavic language. I know Russian has obvious declensions; I don't know about any of the others.

I knew what he said. His written English language skills will improve with more frequent practice. He effected communication - good on him.

I think once we know what his first language is, those who think learning another language is easy should attempt a message to him in his mother tongue! Who would have the last laugh then?


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Welcome to TR

by Oz_Media In reply to First Come To Here

Great community here, lots of head butting and flaming but helpful for the most part.

Just to give you a little navigation help, there are two forums that constantly get mixed up, if you have a technical question where you need answers, posting to the Technical Q&A forum is your best bet.
Technical Q&A link:

If you want to discuss something in a more open fashion (such as your posting here) and don't really need 'fix' responses more than open opinions, you should post here in the Discussion forum.

So, welcome to our tiny corner of the Internet where all good things happen!

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i understand

by 5jgibbs In reply to First Come To Here

well.. i understand.. but its good to work on how to place your words.. you would not go to mexico and ask a person for a taco when you need to go the bathroom, lol.. IDK.. i dont think i would do much better myself if i had to post in spanish lol

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Welcome any advice freely given here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to First Come To Here

But as OZ quite rightly pointed out there are two seperate forums here this one is for general discussion and then there is the Technical Q & A section as well. If you post a question in the general discussion forum you'll get all soughs of responses and many going off on tangents which bear little resemblance to your original question.

But in the TQ & A section you will get automated e-mails sent to you every time someone responds to your question. If you have a problem it works out faster to ask the question on the TQ & A section and you might even get someone in your own time zone able to answer its just faster as this is a World Wide Forum we tend to get people from all over the world participating so if like me you where in Australia and waiting for someone in the US to answer they are something like 20 hours behind me so there is a long time delay involved.

Also there are a few who just live for questions and it is just about impossible to get in first with a possible answer so if you have a problem these people are your best bet for a quick fix.

Anyway no matter what WELCOME and I hope you enjoy your time here at TR and do not worry about English not being your first language as we will muddle through most things even the English speaking people here have some massive differences as the one language has many meanings in different countries.


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by deepsand In reply to First Come To Here

Others have already pointed out the distinction between the Discussion and the Question & Answer areas.

Note that is you wish to be automatically be notified of new posts to a Discussion, you must click on the "Subscribe" button near the top of the page.

May the future be kind.

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by deepsand In reply to First Come To Here

Also, check out the great number of newsletters, delivered via e-mail, to which you can suscribe.

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