First Exchange setup

By mmbc_voltron ·
I just got SBS installed and also configured Exchange (i think). I added an MX record on my hosting account that points to my DNS service.
I can send mail fine but i am not recieving.

Do i need to contact the Hosting company? ISP? or

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The MX record

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to First Exchange setup

Should point to your Exchange server so that foreign systems know the address to send all mail. You first create an A record for the server and then have the MX record point to the A record for the exchange server. Also make sure that all nescessary ports on your firewall are open for the server to receive mail.

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by CG IT In reply to The MX record

your domain registrar has associated with your domain name a set of name servers which resolve your public name to an IP address. Typically theirs and resolve to their address.

For you to receive mail at your address you have to change the name servers to your own DNS server or purchase a third party dns solution.

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What are the DNS solutions?

by mmbc_voltron In reply to yep

I have that I have setup for my Static DNS. What other options are there.

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I created the A record and MX record

by mmbc_voltron In reply to The MX record

I added the A record on my server that points to then i created a MX record that points to the newly created A record and it adds mylocaldomain.local ex:
Is this correct?
I have done this and still no mail yet. It has been done for over an hour

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Can you look at my hosting account page.

by mmbc_voltron In reply to The MX record

This is my screen shot of my hosting control panel

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