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First Windows Vista Flaw

By jordanspcrepair ·
I am not going to complain about windows vista. I am going to say that I don't think Microsoft realized something about one of the workarounds for the speech recognition flaw. I really don't think you could call this a flaw thought, because in reality, this would totally be overlooked.

Microsoft has released a statement about workarounds you can do. such as turning on your microphone and stuff, and also not allowing windows media player to play audio files. well there is one thing they didn't mention, the internet and websites. i know that websites do play audio and alot of web banners play audio and music. A hacker can record a audio command and put it on a website. a internet user does have a microphone and stuff enabled and has the speakers volume turned up. the user goes to the website, and the audio file is played. well, the speech recognition software could execute the command and the computer could be controlled remotely.

Even if the user is under a limited user account, the audio command could contain the Run As command and execute a command with administrative priviledges.

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Speech Recognition FLAW !!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to First Windows Vista Flaw

Speech recognition has been around for ages on a whole host of systems. However in the lack of any 'real flaw' for Vista they come up with this. Pathetic if you ask me.

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speech impediment for microsoft

by jordanspcrepair In reply to Speech Recognition FLAW ! ...

i totally agree that they pick out the very first flaw in vista to be something to do with all previous windows os. now everybody will agree that microsoft should have avoided releasing a os that still has work to be done. but other than the fact that microsoft was losing money, and their head man Mr. Bill Gates was stepping down, i know that they should have continue on the delay for windows vista until like 2008 or 2009. although i can say that if McAfee would have stayed outta the vista 64-bit kernel, we might have seen a really great operating system. I use to be a big fan of McAfee internet security, as in i would rush out and buy the newest edition every year so i could be protected. I put AVG free on my computer and i use a limited user account. well i noticed that i never would get any prompts from AVG telling me i needed to be an administrator to update AVG software, i got curious. well to find out, McAfee tampers with the windows kernel. also, i hated the fact that i couldn't update Mcafee unless i was logged on as an administrator. well lets just say that i got rid of Mcafee, and my computer is worry free of ever needing certain rights to update.

anyways back to the subject, i love windows to death, but vista is not the os to go with. Go with Windows XP professional, or windows 2000 professional.

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You make little sense

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to speech impediment for mic ...

First of all you call a flaw then admit it has nothing to do with VISTA, but all the OS. Then rabbit on about McAfee (again not VISTA but McAfee), then say for no reason that VISTA is not the OS to go with.

Your Point?

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I don't know why i said that ????????

by jordanspcrepair In reply to You make little sense

i never said this flaw wasn't a vista flaw, i was trying to say that this was all windows os problems and i don't think microsoft figured that out. and yes i do make a point. no software should be allowed to modify the windows kernel. when a unsigned application needs to modify the kernel to provide you security is not very safe. for example, rootkits can invade a system do to unsigned drivers and applications modifying the windows kernel.

and yes i do make a point about not going to windows vista as your computers os. the main reason is vista needs much more work done to it. besides, the aero-glass look is not a big thing. and the user account control protection is great, but still lot of spyware can be installed on a computer even if it doesn't need to access the kernel. why you might ask?? simply the fact that millions of windows pc users use administrator accounts at all times.

hackers are smarter than we give them credit for. for example, lets say a user is using the administrator account on vista, and a virus is to get into the system. well the virus could easily disable the user account protection, and then any malicious software could access and modify the windows kernel.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to I don't know why i said t ...

"the user account control protection is great, but still lot of spyware can be installed on a computer even if it doesn't need to access the kernel. why you might ask?? simply the fact that millions of windows pc users use administrator accounts at all times"

Well that is thier fault for following such a bad practice I guess. XP you could not get around this (hence everybody is an Admin on the machine) but in Vista using the UAC, there is no excuse now.

Doing anything execpt system work under the Admin account is not somthing I would ever do!

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illiterate users

by jordanspcrepair In reply to OK

Well, your right on the xp users practice of using the administrator account at all times, but people simply don't know about limited user accounts and how windows xp works. well the fact the lots of people don't care about computers and how stuff works and people just wants to use the internet are a big reason why administrator accounts are being used at all times.

i hardly login to my computer under administrator when you can use the runas command.

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