FirstClass E-Mail: How Do You Fill In Server Field On Domain Login?

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I'm working for a school district that uses FirstClass as their email server/client. I've noticed that one of the main questions I hear from people is "My email won't connect, I need help". I go to their computer, and it turns out they've just logged into a different machine and needed the Server field filled out with our districts FirstClass server entered into the field so the client knows where to connect.

My question is, to eliminate confusion, how can I edit that from the Domain Server at our school? Is there a way I can apply a group policy or login script to automatically fill in the server field at login? I've tried just creating the home.fc file that FirstClass uses for settings and putting it into the All Users folder under Documents and Settings so any user will get the home.fc file, but that doesn't always work. Again, has anyone who uses FirstClass found a way or know of a way to fill in that server field at login? Either by a script doing the filling in when the program starts or during domain login, or by uploading a fresh copy of home.fc every time.

If someone knows an easier way, please do let me know. Thanks a lot! Take care.

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First Class Settings

by jnorman5878 In reply to FirstClass E-Mail: How Do ...

It depends on the version of first class you are using. The older version (7 and older) store the settings file in the C:\Program Files\First Class folder. In the newer clients (8 and up) they are stored in a sub folder under My Documents. If you have a domain, create network "Home Drives" to say H:. for all users. Redirect My Documents to the network drive. This way whenever a user logs in, their My Documents (and First Class settings file) travels with them.

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