Fit of new cpu Cooler causing no power

By Mindgame66 ·
I have just recently fitted a new thermaltake cooler to my cpu and removed the motherboard to do so... once i have fitted everything back in and try and boot no power seems to pass through the PC as far as i can see everything is conected properly but the computer emits a low level beeping grinding sound possibly comming from the fan cpu area.... has any one any ideas or have i screwed this...

any help apreciated thanks !!

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make sure mobo is not shorting to the case

by robo_dev In reply to Fit of new cpu Cooler cau ...

take the mobo from the case and connect the power supply to test it. This will also make swapping the motherboard easier in case you have killed your mobo in the process.

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Would not hurt

by Dumphrey In reply to make sure mobo is not sho ...

to try using the old fan again to see if it works. Its possible that the fan on the coole ris dead and so not letting the board boot... but I kinda doubt it.
It could also be a short caused by having the screws for the mobo be just a tad out of alignment, and maybe the hardware for the cpu coller may be off centered enough to ground to the case.stick some duck tape on the case under the mobo where the bottom of the cpu coller whould touch to prevent this... not elegant, but it can work.

Does the cpu cooler fan spin up at all? Or do any fans spin up? Any particular pattern to the beeps?

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in anwser to

by Mindgame66 In reply to Would not hurt

Dumphrey i have ripped the psu right out for a test but it emits a low grinding squeel as opposed to beebs this is a big cooler that was fitted on a tower so i will investigate the way i fitted it but on a standalone test it apears it might have fried the psu which is strange as there was nbo warning or any clues of it doing this.. i will have to try with a new power supply and get back to you.. all help is aprectiated guys thanks for your prompt assistnance :)

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Possible psu fault

by Mindgame66 In reply to make sure mobo is not sho ...

I have disconected everything but the psu and ran power throught it seprately and it apears to be emmiting the strange beep... Gutted this is a highly rankked psu hyper type R 600 watt modular power supply thart isnt to old either. there were no tell tell signs of me doing anything wrong soo route cause is baffling me just gota hope it didnt surge the boared...

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