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Fitting a second bootable hard drive

By michaelp.kearns@ntlworld. ·
Help Please ----I have installed a second 250gb hard drive.It is seen in the BIOS and it is showing healthy in disk management. I am trying to install Windows XP PRO on this disk as a seperate OS. The files install O.K. but just as files not an OS. When the files have loaded the PC reboots to setup again. (I do this with the main drive disconnected, SATA cable out.) Is there a way I can resolve this problem 'sanely'.
Dell **50, Windows XP Pro. Sata cable connect for all drives. Thank you ,Mike.

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Dual Boot:

by 1bn0 In reply to Fitting a second bootable ...

is the term for what you are trying to do.

What is the current OS installed on the existing drive?

There are many options avialable for a Dual Boot configuration. It can also be a difficult setup to recover from a failure.

Why are you trying to Dual Boot XP?

If you need it for certain applications or just whant to be able to use it for other alternative purposes, you could consider installing it in a virtual machine.

This way you would run XP as an "application" under your current OS.

Microsoft VirtualPC2007 and VMware are both free virtual machine software available for download.

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Dual Boot

by michaelp.kearns@ntlworld. In reply to Dual Boot:

Thank you '1bn0' for your prompt reply.
I am seeking to use two hard drives, 1 for my applications and 1 for gaming progs for my grandchildren. My primary hard drive OS is Windows XP pro 32 bit and I am trying to load Windows XP pro on to the second hard drive but it won't complete the install as an operating system. Is there something in a Dell Dimension **50 that stops the OS installation process. Many thanks. Mike.

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I did that once....

by ---TK--- In reply to Dual Boot

I did that once, kind of a point of proof to my friends that it could be done... anyways, from what I remember, On the main OS I edited the boot.ini, and added the second boot path to the second drive. I removed the master drive and replaced it with the second drive (you have to watch the jumper settings if its an IDE, also Dells can act shady occasionally..)left the master drive out, installed the OS. Then removed the drive and replaced it with the main disk... Changed the Jumpers on the disks and on the CD/DVD roms, to Cable Select (CS).... but this what I remember from 4 years ago... O one thing to think about is that if you mess up the boot.ini, your OS's will not load at all... be very very careful! Changing the Boot.ini will give you the choice on what OS to load.. if done properly....

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Here you go

by IC-IT In reply to Dual Boot

Connect the original drive back. Now with both drives attached, boot into the OS. After it has loaded, put the cd in the drive and install XP on the new drive.

The issue is the missing SATA drivers.
If you insist on installing it without the original drive connected, you will need to either manually edit the Boot.ini file (unless using the BIOS to select the boot drive) or use the Recovery Console to run Bootcfg /Add

Download the SATA drivers you need. Double-click the application and extract the drivers to a floppy. Watch the screen during the initial loading. When you see the message for using F6 press the F6 key. Then you'll be prompted for the floppy with the drivers.


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Two hard drives-dual boot...

by michaelp.kearns@ntlworld. In reply to Here you go

Many thanks for your replies, very responsive forum.............I toyed with Google last night and found the solution at www.aspadvice.com/blogs/ssmith/archive/aspx#43147.And you will not believe the solution when it is seen there!!!!!! There is something tricky about Dell and the **50. Dell tech know about it but won't tell. It is about changing SATA control to 'combination sata/pata'from the Dell default.
There is another fault with my **50, it is the on board sound chip not providing microphone input. One can hear ok on headphones but no microphone, even when set to max.Dell also know about this but have not provided any solution. I fitted a sound card the works fine but the i/o is at the back of the PC box. Leaves six plug-holes that are no good. Would I buy a Dell again-----NEVER. My thanks to all and I hope my discovery will help others with the same problem. Mike

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The sata/pata bit I can understand

by Dumphrey In reply to Two hard drives-dual boot ...

but the microphone leaves me feeling confused...

Another option would be to buy removable drive caddies. you would only have 1 physical hard drive in at a a time and are as easy to change as a caset tape.


Will been to buy extra trays for each disk beyond the first you want to use, or constantly change them out...
These things should cmoe with 2 trays by default.

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There sure is...

by drbali In reply to Fitting a second bootable ...

Hi, Mike
Have a look at XXClone. The free version, a small 1.2MB download, is absolutely brilliant.

It will copy (clone) everything from your first drive, including XP Pro's system files)and make your 250GB drive bootable. Simple as that.

No need to disconnect your main drive or the SATA one! (Whatever.) I recently added a SATA drive to my system, which had all of XP Pro on a much older IDE (PATA) drive. My SATA was configured as a data disk (no OS).

The whole process worked like a dream, for me. I can now boot from the cloned SATA drive and still access everything on my other drives/partitions, etc. You can even mix up file systems, if you want (like FAT, FAT32, NTFS).

It's available from www.xxclone.com

Check it out. If you like it, you owe me a beer (or two).

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