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5 Mobile Mysteries:
(How would you solve these digital dilemmas?

Unit: Blkbrry Torch 9810-4G
Sftwre: 7.0
Prvdr: AT&T

1.) What info is required in order to successfully log into a public-access, wireless hot-spot, and who do you get it from?

2.) What conditions would or could cause a complete power loss to a mobile phone while the user is on a call, (to the Microsoft Customer Service toll free number, in this case), where a battery pull is then required in order to restore power to the device?

3.) What causes a fully-charged battery to drain completely, over a one night period, (8 hrs) while the phone is in fact, powered off?

4.) What conditions exist that could allow or force random deletions to saved contacts in a mobile phone's on-board phonebook or contact list?

5.) The new Outlook Mail (formerly, and unfortunately, Hotmail) is not compatible with some mobile browsers, like this one. This severely limits folder viewing and editing, and the moving (and sometimes responding to) of messages received on Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.
Switching to the 'Desktop' version causes even more freezing and lag time.
Is this solely a mobile browser issue, and other than upgrading to an Android phone, what can I do about upgrading my browser?
Or is the service provider simply not making enough bandwidth available over the mobile network?, (which said network also now prohibits device software update installations without a wireless connection)?

Knowledge is power.
Thanks all responders.

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Quite a number of questions, but I'll try

Keep in mind, I no longer have a Blackberry, the one I had I loaned to my stepdaughter and is now in silicon heaven...but these answers should be cross-platform!

1) Most WiFi connections are handled through the connection manager, not sure exactly where on BB 7, should be in same place you handle turning on Bluetooth, 3G etc.

2) Power loss during active phone calls can occur due to software problems as well as power problems, so this may be related to #3...

3) This sounds like your battery is failing and needing to be replaced. It may appear to be fully charged, but the capacity is now to low to be acceptable. Replacement batteries should be readily available, I found this in a quick search, have used Batteries4Less myself

4) This could be due again to software problems, or possibly running low on storage space.

5) This one is probably a bit trickier. You might be able to use an alternate browser, but bear in mind that some mobile browsers use proxy services that compress data to lower the data use, helps on limited data plans, but some proxies don't pass the SSL certification credentials between the provider and you, so not sure if Hotmail/ will function. Have you tried setting it up to download using your email application? I've done that in the past and still do with my old Samsung Blackjack. Might try that.

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Additional Comments

by TheChas In reply to FIVE MOBILE MYSTERIES? (o ...

Some additional comments:

1. You should be able to scan and see all wireless connections. Be cautious of unsecure connections unless you are sure of the connection name.
For secure connections, you get the password from the source. Hotel desk, coffee shop, cafe,

2. Not so much power loss as the phone locking up. Could be a software bug, interference from the car electronics, or the suspect weak battery.

3. No phone or even most modern electronic devices are ever really "OFF". Even if just to run the clock function, the power is on at some level all the time.

4. Could also be the flash memory starting to fail.

5. Could be OS issues. Check your application store for an email client. Should work better than the browser.
The limit to use wireless for software updates is to save cellular bandwidth. You may be able to go into device settings and change this. However, some apps update so often that just the monthly updates could use up your cellular data plan.


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