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Microsoft Reduces OS Prices To $10 For XP Home and $15 For XPPro

by donutdude2 In reply to Five tech headlines you w ...

Sorry I don't have a website just an email address which is my alias. This is my suggestion for a Headline You Won't See in '06, '07, '08.

In an effort to reduce the suppress the threat of hackers who have one-eye covered with a patch Chairman Gates has declared a 24 month amnesty by offering operating systems at a near give-away price. On a more prophetic note it is rumored that he hopes to be able to pay off at least half the National Debt with the revenue this offering should generate.

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Microsoft licenses Linux kernel for Windows

by oosai In reply to Five tech headlines you w ...

This will be the least likely headline for this 2006 and beyond. More likely, Microsoft re-invents Linux kernel for Windows.

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by pkr In reply to Five tech headlines you w ...

No Windows vulnerabilities found or exploited in 6 months now!

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Out Sourcing Is Out and US Sourcing Is In

by Logos-Systems In reply to Five tech headlines you w ...

Companies that had moved there software development to overseas operations are now relocating those efforts back to the US where they can control the quality as well as the product.

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