Fix Compaq Screen

By reapfyre ·
Hi guys,

I've got a Compaq Evo N800, and the TFT screen has been on the fritz for awhile.

Firstly the screen became slightly dull with less color and blurry, but still relatively usable.

The other night I attempted to fix it as I heard sometimes the Screen Ribbon can be a bit loose.

After taking the entire screen apart and checking and testing, it is now worse.
The monitor is so flakey that lines will appear erratically and will sometimes cut the screen off completely, which in turn crashes the laptop.

Sometimes the screen will be fine, although dull, but as soon as you move the screen on it's hinges it will start failing.

Is it a common problem that Screen Ribbon's fail and need replacing? Or is it normally the Screen aswell?

There are a few parts on Ebay for Ribbons and Screen Invertors, do you think this may fix the problem?

I want to avoid buying a completely new laptop if I can help it.

Thanks alot guys!

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Cable or inverter

by mjd420nova In reply to Fix Compaq Screen

Although this could turn into a complex repair, Both ends of the flexible, flat cable need to be checked. Most run through a loop that is coiled inside the hinge assembly and would be the suspect location of a fault. If after checking both ends of the cable, the inverter would be the next most likely failure point.

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As you didn't say if a External Monitor Works OK

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Fix Compaq Screen

You would first need to connect a external monitor to rule out a straight M'Board/Video Card failure/fault before starting looking at the Flexible lead or buying any parts.

If the external Monitor is lousy as well it is either the M'Board or the Plug in Video Card if this NB has a Plug in Card. Some of the new ones do but most require a replacement M'Board to be fitted when things like this happen.


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An update

by reapfyre In reply to As you didn't say if a Ex ...

Thanks alot for your help guys.

Sorry I did not mention the working status of an external monitor.

While the laptop monitor was slowly dieing, an external monitor, or the tv in my case, always ran fine with no garble on the tv screen.

Since the laptop monitor has gotten worse however, the laptop will not boot up without crashing soon after start.

I have taken out the Ribbon cable and upon close study have found it to be torn near the hinge pin, at least 3 large circuits are ripped and the cable does not look in good condition.
It almost appears to have burn stains along the edges and in other areas.

Is this common in worn out ribbon cables?

I have ordered a new one so will see how that goes. $25 from Ebay.

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The thicker Tracks carry more current

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to An update

So if one or more of these break they will have a tendency to Arc till the Track burns away enough to prevent the Arcing.

With any Flexible Conductor they do have a limit of the number of flex that they can go through before failure though.


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An Update - No luck

by reapfyre In reply to Fix Compaq Screen

I have received the new Ribbon Cable for the TFT Screen and quickly installed it without completely closing up the laptop or installing the hinges properly.
And it doesn't work.

After just plugging the Ribbon Cable into the Screen and the Motherboard, and also the other cable from the inverter, I have no power to the screen, and the laptop does not boot up - fan does not start and theres no working sounds.

I'm wondering after looking at the old cable, which was wrapped around the Hinge pin with two tiny needle points going into two holes in the cable, would this need to be put on the same way for it to work?

It does seem a bit like an earthing problem, and the Ribbon Cable does have some gold ink around the two pin holes.

Does everything need to be 'completely, properly' installed before it will work?
Or could there be another issue now after all of this?

Thanks alot.

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While I do not know this particular model

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to An Update - No luck

As a general Rule the Unit has to be correctly assembled to work.

So here I would say that you have to correctly install the Monitor & Hinges for it to work.


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Laptop manufacturers tend to be rather tight-fisted ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to An Update - No luck

But they also tend to be meticulous.

Anything to cut down costs and maximise profit - so if there were 2 little needle points in equally small pin holes, they were there for a specific reason.

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Yes, install it EXACTLY as the original

by mjd420nova In reply to An Update - No luck

The pins help to position and hold the cable in the right loop pattern to relieve the stress of being wound and unwound when the cover is opened. For testing it would be okay to mount it any way. It does souns like the incerter has gone bad and possibly caused by the bad cable.

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