Fix for Blue Screen Error for Windows Vista

By oggualberto ·
Good day. Could anybody suggest or recommend a solution to Blue Screen problem for Windows Vista?
I would appreciate very much all the help you could provide. It has taken me several days to find a fix for this problem but not successful.



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It would

by Jacky Howe In reply to Fix for Blue Screen Error ...

be helpful for us to be able to help you if you could be helpful and post the Error Message, :)

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Under Windows Vista a Blue or Red Screen of Death

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Fix for Blue Screen Error ...

Indicates a problem in the way that Vista is running.

It will tell you why it is stopping in the form of a string of letters & Numbers.

To be able to help you we need to know what the actual Error Message is. So if you would like to post the error message one of use will be able to help you solve the problem but without the error message the best that any of us can tell you is

There is a Problem with the computer it could be a Software or Hardware problem.

It would also help if you could tell us if this is a new computer that was loaded with Vista from New or a Upgrade of older Hardware that came loaded with a different OS from new.


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