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Fix needed for TR's Q&A pages!!

By Oz_Media ·
Is it just me, am I not seeing the links or is it missing?
When answering questions in the Q&A section;
After posting your answer, you are given the option to return to the Question (pretty irrelevant unless theres immediate response)and no link to return to 'all open questions'.
The only way to get back to 'all open questions' is to go to the Q&A link and then selct All open questions.
It would be nice to see a link after answering one question that would let you go straight to All Other Open Questions, don't you think??

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by timwalsh In reply to Fix needed for TR's Q&A p ...

Actually the "return to Question" button is very relevant if you are trying to post a long-winded explanation that won't fit within the limitations of the provided text box. If you must post a continuation of an answer in a comment, this button provides a nice shortcut.

Getting back to "all open questions": I always just hit the Back button on my browser until I get back to the questions.

If you're expecting someone from TR to read and act upon any suggestions posted here, expect a L-O-N-G wait, as this forum is not normally monitored. If you have a suggestion for improvement, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

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Back 3 pages

by TheChas In reply to Fix needed for TR's Q&A p ...

I simply use the drop down box on my back button, and return to where I was in the question list.

I have an all questions link in my Favorites, and on the links section of the address bar.

Another way to deal with it, would be to right click on the questions that you are interested in, and open them in a new window.

A while back, Tech Republic removed the All Questions link.
This was because of the cost of accessing the database and retrieving the list of all open questions.

After a long discourse with a number of user that Maxwell Edison funded with his points, the All Questions link was returned, but the rules were changed.

The All Questions list is not updated every-time a user clicks on it. The list is updated on a periodic basis. (I don't remember how often.)


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Makes a little more sense.

by Oz_Media In reply to Back 3 pages

I suppose that is a valid reason, but if you use the Back button, you need to refresh the page to update the answers.
As for Max using his OWN PERSONAL points to revive the All Questions link, I bow to you faithfully! Thank you Max, I'm not worthy.

I don't know if you've seen "Who's Line Is It Anyway" but the points there are about as useful as the points here.

For such a notorious site to have a stupid navigation problem is kinda sad though.
As for TR reading this, if it was my intention to get to them directly, I would have called. I just thought maybe there was a link I wasn't seeing.

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As for Mr. Walsh

by Oz_Media In reply to Makes a little more sense ...

Sir, you sem to forget that this forum is continuosly monitored by Max Edison (absent for this post though) and his little dog Chas.
But Chas just agrees with Edison, he doesn't really have his own opinions.

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Flame wars

by timwalsh In reply to As for Mr. Walsh

As you obviously have a burr up your butt about Max and seem to be intent on continuing (or maybe instigating) a flame war with him at every opportunity, I suggest you might try and find a different forum to do so. Your flaming is not welcome here by me and probably not by a majority of the people who regularly post here.

It's one thing to flame someone when replying to posts that are meant to stir contoversy. It is something entirely different to try and bait somebody in what is almost purely a technical post.

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The views expressed yada yada

by rickydoo In reply to Flame wars

Referring both to this thread and more specifically the scratching and clawing of "Would the real Max please stand up?":
The views expressed by OzMedia are not necessarily those of Rickydoo, or Candaians in general.
The attacks on Canadians and Canada will not be dignified with a reply be me, as they were obviously incited by the postings of the above mentioned joker.
The apology by MallardtooXX is accepted with grace and humility. But could you capitalise Canada please?
Now, will the realOzMedia please shut up so we can more easily navigate the pertinent information.

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Actually - TheChas

by maxwell edison In reply to As for Mr. Walsh

TheChas and I actually have quite a few differences of opinion, and we disagree on a number of issues. However, unlike you, he remains civil, friendly and respectful, and as such he's treated in a like manner.

You should really evaluate how you think about life and the world in general. You sure do have a sour outlook on things.

You become what you think about.

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Oh no

by Cactus Pete In reply to Actually - TheChas

So, does that mean I'll eventually become a ... a ... woman?!

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by mrafrohead In reply to Oh no

I was thinking the exact same thing although mine was more of a specific place on your answer Dpetrak heheahhahaa

hint - it starts with a *


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believe me...

by Cactus Pete In reply to OMFG

I toned it down...

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