fixing a computer after a virus

By reesestix ·
After I found a virus on one of my computers, the bootup is still slow. How do I go about fixing this?

The computer is a Dell
Operating system: XP Pro SP3
Virus: svchost.exe.mdmp

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I'll tell you what I would do since we have similar systems.

by winthrop.polk In reply to fixing a computer after a ...

This process, if followed preciously in order always works for me (about once a year I have to do this). Doing it in order will eliminate most leftover files of malware/spyware/etc found by the big programs.

1. Undo anything recently done that may contribute to the problem ocurring: uninstall programs, web applications, more advanced IT/IS stuff, etc.

2. Do a spyware sweep with "Adaware", which is freedownloadable for standard version (std version is same as premium without the active monitor which, in my opinion, takes up way tomany resources to be useful). Adaware, in my opinion, is very good and reliable. Best product.

3.Perhaps do a quick or full virus scan but I often skip this for smaller problems(no recommendations here, but be carefule, there are plenty of fack antivirus scanners that can really screw things up or not work at best; try norton, trendmicro, macafee are about the only ones who actually care about there reputation)

4. Run a registry cleaner (be very careful here in your vendor selection; the majority of them found on google are frauds w/ trojans and such, but there are some very good ones out there amounst the trash)

5. run Clean disk on all drives. in start->programs->accessories.

6. Empty Recycle bin.

7. run defrag on all drives. Some nasting malware can access your drives so much that premature fragmentation occures slowing everything down.

8. If this doesn't work, back up important stuff, reformat your operating system drive, and reinstall everything. Things you may want to backup that I often forget about is old emails, favorites in ie, saved game files so you wont have to restart from scratch, etc.

hope this helps.

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by ---TK--- In reply to I'll tell you what I woul ...

wouldn't it be just quicker to reimage it in the first place...?

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by winthrop.polk In reply to lol....

unfamiliar with the terminology, but I'll assume you mean reformat reinstall.

To answer your question, no, in my opinion. reformating takes an hour or two, then you gotta reinstall the operating system (2 hours), then install all the updates for your operating system (my winXP disk doesn't even come with SP1)then all your device drivers (2 hours), then all your previously installed programs (4 hours), then put all your backedup data back where it belongs, resetup email, ie favorites, settings, walpaper, etc, etc etc...

It usually takes me a coupple days to resetup everything this way. If I can fix the problem with the aforementioned procedure, it usually takes between 2-5 hours. But I usually need to do a reformat resetup about once a year anyway.

I have been looking for a better way to setup the partitions so that one partition contains the operating system, one contains the programs, and one contains the data and files. The intent is to be able to reformat and reinstall the operating system (where most viruses and malware reside) without having to reinstall all the programs and eliminate the data backup requirement. Haven't figured out how to do this though, since most programs make important changes to the operating system files.

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