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flamin' software marketing rant

By bitbucketboy ·
Just once, I would like to go to a reputable site, and have something other than a surreal experience when I try to find out what the product offering is, what each does, how I license it, and how much it costs. I'm a tech person. I want features,specs and cost. I want to be done and go home by nine or so. OK, a little art on the page is fine. OK, maybe make me click through a bit for the price chart. But at least have one! I don't want to spend a week getting three quotes! Hel/l, I get up front pricing for my brakes at the local mechanic, and can't get it anywhere for software.

OK, so maybe I'll call a reseller...even more clueless than the maker. "We have thousands of vendors. We can't know them all..."

Two years ago,I looked for a backup solution, and selected Arcserve 2000 Advanced Edition. Even on the goddam box it said 'complete data protection.' Yeah, if you spent another thousand dollars per option. It has done a great job, so I wanted to upgrade it andadd a few linux agents. Might as well write it myself and save the trouble. I chatted with a rep online for the part numbers, then searched the web. Nowhere can I find if the 'agents' are per server, or in the case of SQL, per database. Nothing.

So OK, I'll try veritas. Hel/l, you can go to their store, find nothing but marketeze, and have no idea what to buy, what you're buying, or what it does. By the way, is backup such a bad word? Not as slick as data availability (not to be confused with high availability). Even if you go straight to the reseller, the names are marketeze, and require descriptions that the resellers leave off, no doubt because they don't know either.

So I have a new backup solution. It's called .tar. And another called NT Backup. Wonder if it will run on .net server?

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No doubt

by Oz_Media In reply to flamin' software marketin ...

Sounds like you have a really crappy reseller.
I use a single vendor for all our software and hardware needs. The rep has become a good friend over the past four years and is extremely knowledgable with the product info I request.
I HAVE used another reseller before and can relate to your nightmare so you're not alone. I think the websites are pathetic too, if only some of the webdesigners and IT staff knew the first thing about selling a product, I'm sure they woud be clearer.
I think a prerequisite for Web Design should be to understand customers and sales before setting up any ecommerce. You're right, in general, they suck. Find a good vendor for ALL your needs and stick with them. My problems were solved instantly that way.
Good luck,

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