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By ydobonmai ·
I have images on a page which is displayed using the lightbox script. The problem is that any flash objects that are on the page (banner) overlaps with the rendered image. Is there any way i can force the flash object to stay behinh the script?


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by erin.stanfill In reply to Flash

Browsers render the plugin, form object or iFrame content to the front. All other content, including floating boxes will appear behind the object.

There is a workaround specific to flash:

For the other situations this can be worked around by using an iframe instead of a div in the lightbox code.

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by zetacon4 In reply to Flash

Place the html object for the flash before any part of your display of your script images.
Let me make that clearer.
Any html elements that display images as the result of your script must follow the flash html object in your page's source code.
Also, you can use the style attribute on any element to indicate it's z-index. This tells the browser how to vertically "stack" the elements.

Make the flash object's z-index 0 (zero), and any other elements you wish to appear ontop of the flash, set their z-index higher than zero. You may have more complications that I'm not aware of yet. So, if you don't find this solution to work satisfactorily for you, drop me a note. I'll be happy to assist.

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