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Flash animation or not? Is there an alternative?

By pataya6 ·
Flash seems to be very popular but requires the Macromedia plugin.

I myself don't like it and have my Firefox set up to block flash, how many others do the same?

Will it ever be integrated in browsers? Does Flash have a future or will some open source solution emerge?

Will animated .gifs get better? Is there an alternative to the intrusive Flash?

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Many people block flash - in fact flash can be used to carry

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Flash animation or not? I ...

malicious code.

there are alternatives like .avi and .mpeg files that can also be embedded or placed as a hotlink.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Flash animation or not? I ...

There is Microsoft's Silverlight plugin which is a multi-platform alternative to Flash. Have you tried that?

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And it has some of the same problems as Flash

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Silverlight

in that it isn't platform independent and is sealed code as well as a plug in which he seems to want to avoid..

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There is something of a bonus ball in that the client

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to And it has some of the sa ...

can configure the addon by behaviour, and there is a good bit of granualarity to it.
Mind you that's not the simplest task you can choose to accomplish at tea time.

The real problem both have is you can get back to the OS, through whatever container you are running them in. Given the content is external, and the 'player' internal, a threat vector you either shut off or accept the inherrent security failure.

Those are the only two choices we are being presented with as far as proprietry content is concerned.

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and a very good reason to avoid proprietary options to stay

by Deadly Ernest In reply to There is something of a b ...

with the public options.

Another problem with Silverlight is the last time I looked it only worked on Windows, so by using it you are automatically cutting yourself off from all the non Windows potential clients. This may not be a big concern if you are only concerned with US based clients but more and more people outside of North America are switching due to the costs involved in having Windows.

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Can't say either way.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to and a very good reason to ...

I do .net but not web based, so Silverlight isn't something I've used.

Moonlight is mono's answer to it, how compatible it is through a browser I've no idea, you would have thought if you were going to that much effort though, it would be the plan...

I don't like client side anyway, so I tend not rush straight in to the mess.

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