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flash bios

By artsoyster ·
how do i flash the bios to upgrade for usb-2 card recognition in pci slot so that i can access performance and the full broadband speed. when i put the card in the pci slot the computer won't start it locks and there's a black screen...or is there another way for windows to regognise the card in the pci slot. thank!!

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flash bios

by TheChas In reply to flash bios

You should ONLY get BIOS updates from the motherboard or system manufacture.

Further, you should ONLY flash the BIOS IF the update addresses your particular problem.

There are 3rd party BIOS providers such as But, at $70 for a custom BIOS it usually is not worth doing.

Now, you likely have a hardware conflict.
Some other plug-in card is either using the same resources, or is in the boot loop installing it's own BIOS.

See if the system boots with just the video card and USB 2 card installed.
Place a floppy in the floppy drive to prevent booting into Windows at this time.

If the PC boots with just the USB card, then shut down, and replace cards one at a time until you find the conflicting card.

If the system does not boot with just the USB card, enter BIOS settings, and disable the existing USB ports.

If disabling the USB ports, or not installing a particular card fixes the boot problem, restore the PC to it's original configuration.
Boot into Windows.
From Device Manager, remove the hardware device that conflicts.
Shut down the PC, and remove the conflicting card / USB ports.
Install the new USB 2 card.

Install the drivers for the USB card.


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flash bios

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to flash bios

The Chas is right but he did overlook one possible fix and that is to try the USB2 card in a different PCI slot as this sometimes fixes the problem otherwise go with everything in the previous responce.

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