Flash device Copy Protection

By gtsm101 ·
I would like to know about the utilities and softwares for copy protecting a flash device. I mean, you can read from the device but the user can't copy the files from it to the harddrive or anywhere else.

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That is not possible

by robo_dev In reply to Flash device Copy Protect ...

...if you're talking about a standard PC, handeld device, smartphone, etc.

If you can access the data, there is no mechanism to prevent it from being moved somewhere else. Technically there is no difference between reading the data and copying the's the same thing.

If you have complete control over the device, the OS, and the communications channel, it is possible to do this. (See HDCP digital copy protection on consumer HDTVs and DVD recorders.

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Copy protection issue

by saboltech In reply to Flash device Copy Protect ...


i have this issue too, please if and whenever you have solution to this , kindly inform me too.


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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Copy protection issue

Zombie Alert!!!

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And, Zombie or not, I will again reply, that is not possible.

by robo_dev In reply to Copy protection issue

If you can read the data from a device, there is no known method for preventing the data from being copied, unless that control is built into the operating system or the system is locked down so that the user interface is controlled (e.g. a kiosk workstation).

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