Flash Drive Formatting

By ccopeland ·
I purchased what was supposed to be a 256GB flash drive but have never had it to read more than 4GB. I was told that I needed to use exFat to make the flash drive see the full 256GB I am using Win7 and Mac OS X. I did a disk mgt check in Win7 and it reads (3.91GB Fat32 Healthy Partition) & 250.00GB unallocated. How can I get the flash drive to read the full 256GB if it really is that size or is the flash drive just toast? I am at a total loss here Help!!

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pretty odd.

by databaseben In reply to Flash Drive Formatting

if windows is having trouble, then try going to the flash drive's home site for more information.

they may have a utility for it or formatting fyi's or you may have a warranty on it and can get it exchanged by them.

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256 GB?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Flash Drive Formatting

That seems wrong. As the biggest Thumb Drive I can buy is 64 Gig. The Biggest that Corsair Make is 64 Gig and that is the biggest being advertised anywhere in the world.

http://www.corsair .com/en/usb-drive/flash-voyager-gt.html

Remember to remove the space from between corsair and the .com for a working link.

So if you have a 256 GB Flash Drive it must be a Prototype and not for the mass market. Personally I would think that you have either misread the add for the device, there was a Typo in it or you have been had.

Regardless you should delete any partitions on it and then reformat to get whatever size it actually is. Some Flash Drives use compression to get the Advertised Size so if that's the case here you'll need to wipe the drive and then use the Drive Makers Formating Utility to get the full advertised capacity but even if it's a 64 Gig Flash Drive you will not get 256 Gig Storage even with the most dramatic compression possible which I should add is not made yet.


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Reponse To Answer

by ccopeland In reply to 256 GB?

Thanks for the response as I did more research on the flash drive it looks like I have been duped! I went to Kingston's web site and it listed how to check to see if a drive was real. This drive had no serial number so it's not real! Its a very good looking fake from overseas with nice packaging just glad I didn't pay too much for it. The old saying still stands true- You get what you pay for!

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by AssemblerRookie In reply to Flash Drive Formatting

Will only give a max of 4 GB you will need to reformat to NTFS on a windows system to get to use anything more then 4 GB.
I agree with Col 256 GB doesn't seem right, I'd check the capacity first.

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Here is a warning

by Michael Jay In reply to Flash Drive Formatting

Looks like some fakes are being pushed;
http://fakeflashnews.wordpress .com/2010/06/19/kingston-datatraveler-310-dt310256gb-fake-usb-flash-drives-flooding-ebay-fraud-warning/

and found this on Amazon;
http://www.amazon .com/Kingston-Datatraveler-310-Flash-Drive/dp/B0039PBFNE

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by ARandomPenguin In reply to Flash Drive Formatting

I had a friend come back from china with a few 256gb usb kingston flashdrives. complete fakes, what ever data you saved on it would be deleted the second the drive was ejected.
moral of the story, if it seems too good to be true then it isnt.

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