Flash Drive Not Functioning When Printer Is Plugged In

By bonni-lyn ·
Hi All,

I am having an issue with a flash drive on one of our computers XP Pro SP3 here at work.

I tried reset the drives, un & re installing drivers, etc. I narrowed it down to a printer issue.

The port is functioning with other usb devices, just not memory. If I unplug the printer (HP AIO C6380) the flash drive starts right up and I can use it. The second I plug the printer back in, it stops functioning.

I tried changing the drive letter etc, still doesn't work together.

Also, the printer has a USB port so you can print pictures from it directly. If I plug the flash drive into that, I can access the files on the computer and save to it.

It's like the printer disabled the usb for flash drives... Any suggestions??


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IRQ Conflict?

by patb071 In reply to Flash Drive Not Functioni ...

Sounds like an IRQ conflict. IS the printer USB? Check this site out


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Not Sure about IRQ...

by bonni-lyn In reply to IRQ Conflict?

It is a USB printer, and I looked at the site and the IRQ in the device manager. There are some that have the same number, mostly the intel chipset ones. I didn't see one that looked like it related to the printer or the flash drive....

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It may be the power draw on

by IC-IT In reply to Not Sure about IRQ...

The USB Hub. Each Hub controls x number of ports and the max power draw can only be 500 mA.

Try using a port controlled by a different hub.

To check the power draw;
Open Device Manager.
Navigate to the USB Controllers entry and expand the tree.
For each Hub open it's properties and then click on the Power Tab.

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