Flash drive recovery

By mseghi ·
Expprted outlook pst files to flash drive and confirmed files were saved. When importing file, a message indicates device is not formatted for windows. What happened and how can I retrieve or recover data?

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Sounds like 'Safe Removal Method' wasn't used ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Flash drive recovery

If 'Safe Removal' isn't used every time the USB device is unplugged, then the odds of something like this happening are stacked against you.

The device may survive or it may not. Without 'Safe Removal', current is still present and being supplied to the device at the point of removal. This can cause a spike which corrupts the partition information in the device causing it to be unreadable by the system.

If 'Safe Removal' has always been used then it may just be the age of the device. Flash RAM has a finite limit as to how many times it can be written to. It should never be considered as permanent storage.

To restore the flash RAM to a usable state you could try formatting it to FAT32, but this will destroy any data present on it.

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As pointed out above the Safely Remove Option has not been used

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Flash drive recovery

Regularly. If that is all that is wrong here any Data Recovery Application that Rebuilds the Partition Tables will suffice to recover the Data.

Now the bad news the only 2 that I am aware of that can do this are On Tracks Offering available here


Or i365 File Recovery for Windows available from here


Neither are free and as I have only used the On Track Offering it is the only one that I can recommend for Data that Must Be recovered.


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Compared to your post title - mine sounds like ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to As pointed out above the ...

Some kind of contraception!! :^0

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Not to worry OM I only

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Compared to your post tit ...

Answered 1 question yesterday. :)

So I had to make it look useful. Actually I've just had to take a Broken Thumb Drive to Ontrack and let them loose with it. The owner left it plugged into the NB and tried to place the NB back in it's bag when it wouldn't fit they pushed it in and guess what broke.

Anyway $650.00 latter she had all of her Uni Work back and looked happier though her father didn't look to happy when I gave him the bill for it. I did warn her to backup all her work and not to trust Thumb Drives but what can I say she's a Blond?


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