Flash movies totally freeze computer

By nicknackr ·
WindowsXP SP2 all updates
Asrock 939 dual sata board
Athlon 64 3200
1g ram
30g WD Raptor
250g 16mb WD Sata

I can't pin point when flash movies started totally locking up computer, but in the last two weeks I

Installed new DVD burner from TSST (samsung) and installed "Live Update" software and subsequently deleted it after strange behavior

My keyboard ps/2 connector is bad, so I installed a wireless keyboard/mouse, then removed and replaced with MI mulitimedia Keyboard (buttons for browser/media player, etc)

Static Flash or Animated Flash plays fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Flash players for both IE7 and Firefox 2.0. The freezing behavior takes place in both browsers.

Have recently added DSL modem and will shortly cut off cable modem connection, but have no trouble enabling/disabling and running them one at a time. The freezing behavior takes place on both connections (one at a time of course).

Video card is a BTG 5600 Ultra 128mb with Microsoft drivers. That setup played flash movies/content fine for a long time (18mos installed).

Too many variables lead me to post. Anyone heard of such behavior:
When clicking on Macromedia Flash movie, the screen changes to the loading message and a beginning bit will show loading then it will within one second freeze the cursor and all controls and only reset or turning off the computer will work. ctrl-alt-del does nothing.

Any "points" in the right direction for trouble shooting based on your similar flash freezing experience will be appreciated.


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As you have said you have way too many variables

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Flash movies totally free ...

So as a first option I would backup all your Data and then start to play. If you mess up it doesn't matter.

First I would run System File Checker from the Run Box or Command Line Prompt all you need do is open the Run Box & type SFC click on Through and the run the application. You'll need your original Install or Recovery CD to restore any altered files and once that has run and you have rebooted you'll need to reapply all the patches & Service Packs that have become available since the original install. But if you have a problem Windows File that will fix it up.

If that doesn't work you can drop in your Original Windows XP CD and boot off that and do a repair install by following the directions here

If you have encrypted your files remember to disable the encryption when you back them up or you'll need to save the encryption key by following the directions here

But it's much safer not to save your data encrypted.

If that doesn't work your only alternative is to blow away the Windows Install and wipe the drive with a Utility like Boot & Nuke available here

and then reinstall the OS & Software. This utility writes zeros to every sector of the HDD so it will effectively be a clean install and you'll have none of the data left over from the previous install to potentially cause you problems as even formatting the drive only writes to every third sector so you have 2/3 of the drive untouched and the possibility that some corrupt data can come across from the previous install.


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Narrowing it down

by nicknackr In reply to As you have said you have ...

I did some more trouble shooting:

changed from dvi to vga - no difference

uninstalled pivot software for Viewsonic LCD - no difference

rebooted into VGA mode from F8 at startup and it solved most if not all of the freezeups. Even at 1024 X 780 it was running most Flash stuff without freezing up

I figure I have a video card/mb driver issue

The card is AGP and my mb also has a PCI-e x 16 slot. I'll buy a x16 card with dvi and see what that does for me.

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Flash Movie Freeze Computer: SOLVED

by nicknackr In reply to Flash movies totally free ...

The solution is to download Macromedia's uninstaller and run it, reboot, open browser, install plugin when prompted

Control Panel uninstall not effective.

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by koolperson2 In reply to Flash Movie Freeze Comput ...

I have a simular problem. My computer started locking up when I played videos like on youtube or even ones on my harddrive
I built a new computer and put the old one that was working fine in place ot the one that was having problems with video. It worked fine until I wanted some of the files off my old hardrive so I connected it up wit a usb enclosure to get the files off and then this computer started to lock up on streaming video. Ive uninstalled flash wit the uninstaller and also java but it still locks up. Ive also ran ccleaner and ceched for spyware but still the problem persists.

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This worked for me

by mfab459 In reply to problem

I had the same issues described above, freezing computer, no response to ctrl+alt+del. Solved it by downloading and installing full version of Adobe Shockwave player.

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tried it

by koolperson2 In reply to This worked for me

I reinstalled shockwave but it didn't work still froze up.

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