Flash video locks up computer

By tugboat04 ·
Flash video will not play on my PC. I have just recently installed a wireless NIC made by linksys and whenever I go to youtube or any type of video online my computer freezes. Mouse and keyboard will not work. I have to hold the power button down to restart my computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my wireless NIC many times as also moved the card to a different PCI slot and still same issue. I have all the updates for XP, ran anti-virus and spyware programs and no issues there. There does not seem to be any IRQ conflicts, No shared IRQ's at all. Does anybody have any solutions?

AMD XP2000 1.67GHz

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flash video freezes computer

by koolperson2 In reply to Flash video locks up comp ...

This is crazy. I had a computer worked fine then all of a sudden when I would a video like youtube it would freeze up and I would have to shut it off and reboot. It would even do it with pictures like picasa. It got so bad that I replaced it with a differhnt computer that I always watched videos with. It worked fine but I wanted some files off the old hardrive so I took the hardrive out of the old computer and plugged it into the new got the fiels off it and now the new one freezes on me. Ive deleted java and adobe flesh reinstalled and at first it helped but it will play for a while then freeze up> I've scanned for malware and viruses. I have noticed that this is a problem others have also.

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Dual/Quad for fiix

by dav1dh In reply to Flash video locks up comp ...

I have a Quad core intel processor. I have found a fix, well it works fine on my machine. I had flash lock up on me left and right Here's my fix.

Launch browser (IE for Firefox

Go to Task Manager

Click on the browser process.

Right click and Set Affinity

Un-Check every CPU except for the last one.

Play Flash videos without anything crashing.

If you use Vista 64, IE launches 2 Iexplore*32 processes. You will have to do it to each one, or it will crash..

Hope this helps!

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You Tube videos

by jgirizarry In reply to Flash video locks up comp ...

Right click the you tube video, click settings and uncheck "enable hardware acceleration" and test again. Since your system is freezing up, try this option from safe mode with networking.

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