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FLASH Website Project Plan

By seetharaman ·
I need to do project plan for a flash website, can anybody help me out? Is there any template available on net?

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Free flash templates?

by viruser Staff In reply to FLASH Website Project Pla ...

When designing a flash splash for a small web firm, I
looked aorund the net for some cool flash templates. I
couldn't find any free ones. If there were free, there were
The above URLs have templates but all are for pay.
Incase you decide to design one yourself (my
recommendation), go to http://www.kirupa.com/
developer/flash/index.htm for some really helpful
tutorials and for inspiration go to http://thefwa.com.
You will learn alot and possibly design something you
really like.

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Bottom Up Approach

by HurryHarry In reply to FLASH Website Project Pla ...

Take a bottom up Approach.
1. Plan for the smallest individual pieces of work. ( Example: Pictures, Art, Drawing)
2. Plan time for integrating them into small movies where necessary
3. Plan fo integration into 1 continuous run (For Example: A 5 minute run can be considered as 1 complete piece or a movie run on click (trigger))
4. Plan for integration of all the smaller components and movies into one big movie

1. The speed of the developers determine the time required. Disucuss with your team on the individualized report. Do not make judgement based on experience since your team may have a mixture of experts and normal developers who may not match your expectations.
2. Provide 10% - 25% buffer (Expert developer to 2-3years experience developer)
3. Use milestones to demark, a delivery of a certain phase of the project. (For example: in a 10 minute movie, you can allot 2 minute milestones, milestone on completion of symbols, on completion of the short movies etc)
4. Track your project against time on a daily or weekly basis for adherence to schedules.
5. The flash movie will not follow the standard SDLC methodology, so make sure to include testing at every symbol, short movie and integration level.
6. Allot time within for customer acceptance and signoff at each major milestone.

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