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A teacher used a flashdrive for her child to take assignment to the tech lab. The tech lab computer could not read the drive. On another computer in a classroom, the drive could not be read. The flashdrive could be read at home but not now. Teacher need to get to her files on that flashdrive that now does not work. It did work before bringing sto school.

The teacher in her classroom (not the lab) gets the following message when she tries to open the E folder for the drive: "Acess denied".

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by mickspring In reply to flashdrive question

Some flash drives come with a lock (similar to that of a floppy disk). You may find a slide with (or not) a picture of a key somewhere on the drive. Simply slide it to the unlock position and it should work.
If not, the PC you are using may have permanently disabled the drive.

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could it possibly be....

by lstivers In reply to flashdrive question

that they are not the admin on the machine, what are the standard user limits set to.
what os are they using
on both any/all machines.

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its possible to lock down the machine

by CG IT In reply to could it possibly be....

so that flash drives can't be used.

this article discusses how this is accomplished in Windows Vista, however it's also possible to lock down client stations in Windows XP


If I was the network admin at the school, locking down the use of flash drives would be priority 1.

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So she has

by XT John In reply to flashdrive question

taken the flash drive back home... and now the drive doesn't work even there? Flash drives can die... I had one start to give errors while reading files, the next day it was toast. Place it in the USB slot, the comp sees it, when you go to My Computer to look at it, it wants to format it. Or will say to insert the device. I lost 4 hours of diganostic files I had run at a remote site for one of our vendors technical support. I was able to save 5 out of the eight files before the drive totally died. Anything that valuable to me is being backed up onto CD, or squirreled away on their server if they have one.

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