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Flashing Desktop Problem

By bdennis626 ·
Running Windows XP, Desktop goes blank every 20
seconds. What is the problem???

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Flashing Desktop Problem

Well a bit more information wouldn't go astray.

Buy I'll have a go with the limited information provided. First change the monitor and see if it still happens. If it works properly it could be the monitor or refresh rate that XP is set to or the screen resolution. right click any where on a blank {unused} part of the desktop and chose Properties then Settings lower the resolution to 800 X 600 and the color to 16 bit or lower and see if that cures you problem. If it doesn't do exactly the same thing again but this time chose Advanced and then Monitor and make sure that the refresh rate is at 60 Hertz.

If you still have the same problem start by checking the Video Card if there is one and power down unplug the computer pull off the side cover or top depending on which type of case you have and unscrew the holding screw on the Video card and pull it out but only after you have disconnected the monitor from it and anything else that may be connected to the outside of the card. If you have the Video built onto the M'Board you'll need to try a plug in card and install the drivers for it.

Presumably this unit was working up until recently so have you made any changes to it?

That includes installing software Patches or even Video Drivers.

Have you changed any hardware like the Video Card?

What type of Video card do you have?

If the video is built onto the M'Board what type of M'Board do you have?

What type of CPU and memory {capacity and number of sticks installed} do you have?

If none of the above is of any assistance post back with the details that have been asked or if the computer is a pre-built unit from HP/Dell or anyone like that the model of the computer and Brand Name and I'll see what I can come up with to help you.


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