flashing red light on motherboard

By southside419 ·
i recently received a mobo from my father it is a Intel d845epi...i intstalled it and it has been working fine for about 2 or 3 weeks now...well yesterday i got on my computer everything worked fine...went to work came home and tried to boot up my computer and i got nothing....not even the first screen that appears when you boot your computer, so i shut it off and turned it back on a few time and finally got it to boot to be safe i turned it off and back on again and then i got i removed the cover from my computer and there is a flashing red light blinking on my mobo....can anyone help me? is my mobo fried or what?

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RE: motherboard

by Nimmo In reply to flashing red light on mot ...

You will need to take a look at your motherboard book it will tell you what the light means.

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Turning Off isn't good enough

by OH Smeg In reply to flashing red light on mot ...

You need to disconnect the Mains Lead for about 30 seconds to clear the system. When this happens the M'Board gets scrambled as it is always powered from the Power Supply.

You need to remove the Mains Power to allow the M'Board/CPU to reset and it should work OK.


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Power Supply

by willcomp In reply to flashing red light on mot ...

Take Smeg's advice and unplug. If that doesn't work, try another power supply.

The LED shows presence of 5VDC standby power.

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flashing light on mobo

by southside419 In reply to Power Supply

ok well ive had my mobo unplugged for about 2 weeks now because i put another mobo on....and well i switched them out again and still nothing

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