Flat Screen TV/Monitor

By karlmonteith ·
I have a Logik L22LID648 22" Monitor which I cannot set up properly. When I try to change the screen resolution on my Windows XP settings I cannot see or access the accept tabs at the bottom of the screen. Can anyone help me?

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Do you have the monitor drivers set up

by Slayer_ In reply to Flat Screen TV/Monitor

If there are monitor drivers, do you have them installed? If not, set to generic display device.

That's my only idea.

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If the settings window is that BIG, resolution must be really low..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Flat Screen TV/Monitor

I've just reduced the settings on my Hanns-G 22" monitor to 800x600 and it doesn't push the screen settings window out of view.

Without knowing the spec for your computer I can only make a guess that perhaps you are using the WRONG settings window. If you are using the standard Windows Desktop settings window, try using the settings window for your Graphics Card instead.

Other than that, have you tried booting into Safe Mode? This would boot XP with the basic VGA settings which would allow you access to a VISIBLE resolution settings window.

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Hang On!! - This is a television with optional monitor use ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Flat Screen TV/Monitor

As such, there is a very strong chance that the resolution will have to be adjusted from the SCREEN itself.

Does this Logik unit have screen adjustment controls under the front fascia?

I'm assuming that this Logik is not your FIRST computer monitor and that you have changed from your normal monitor. As such you would be advised to reconnect to your old low resolution monitor and ramp up the resolution while you can still see the OK button at the bottom of the settings window. The resultant image will probably look dreadful on your existing low resolution monitor, but accept it anyway - because it will look much better (?) connected to the high resolution Logik.

Don't forget however, that TV screens and Computer Monitor screens, rarely if ever make good partners in the same hardware. Part of the reason for this is that TVs have pixels of a different shape, to conform to the European standard for broadcast transmission. Computers don't normally have television pictures on their screens.

So HD for a television is usually around the MD (Medium Definition) for a computer monitor screen, which is why computer monitors are usually more expensive than TVs.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Flat Screen TV/Monitor

on the title bar (of the display properties page) and select move, then using your up arrow, move it until you can see the bottom of the window (or depending on your settings, the bottom of the outline), then press enter.

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