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Flat view legibility

By mpatkin ·
I have slowly failing eyesight. In addition to glasses I compensate by us enlarging the text size. This is now usually automatic on my part.

If I do it in the "flat" view, I lose text beyond the margin unless I use arrow keys or mouse.

Please can you institute word wrap in the flat view?

I have several tricks I use when reading on-line, which I do a lot:

- change font, usually to Arial
- shorten line length, bu decreasing right margin to give about 50 characters per line
- break up dense paragraphs
- use onscreen highlighter if likely to re-read, or to concentrate better like underlining or highlighting hard copy (NEVER in a borrowed book!).

Would you like to ask readers what other tricks they use? Last year, among the novels I read onscreen were War and Peace, John Buchan's works, and some other classics.

I enjoy my ZD net newsletter, and want to help make it even better.

Michael Patkin

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