flickering problem

By morsaman ·
Two years ago I bought a new Asus socket 775 mobo. I installed everything nice and fresh but the desktop would flicker. The flickering would get really bad if the cpu is handling many jobs. However, watching movies full screen is ok. A while after that (i think i must have done a clean reinstall) the flickering disappeared and it worked fine for about a year. Now I just installed a new power supply unit after the old one died and the problem is back! It is really frustrating when I'm trying to do some work and I get all this flickering. Is the onboard video faulty or is it something to do with power? I would really appreciate some feedback if someone out there has a few minutes to spare.

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Hardware or Software?

by oldbaritone In reply to flickering problem

Flicker can be tough to track down. It may have a hardware-related cause like a cold solder joint or cracked trace. If it's a trace on an internal plane of a multilayer board, it's almost impossible to find, and simply removing the board can be enough to touch the ends of the trace back together again.

OTOH, software can cause major flicker problems too. The CPU and GPU are trying to create the image, while at the same time the video display expects a constant stream of data. If the wrong task gets priority, the display signal may be interrupted and cause flicker. (Old-timers: remember reading the horizontal retrace and vertical blanking signals on the CGA to avoid "sparkle"?)

So first, I'd check the boards and the manufacturer's website. See if there are new MB drivers for your system, and install the update. Also check the release notes to see if it mentions a fix for flicker.

If that doesn't fix it, see if you can get the new PS tested - sometimes they aren't perfect, and yes the PS may cause the flicker too. It's easier to change the PS than the mobo.

And if those don't fix it, you may want to send the mobo back for test and repair.

Good Luck.

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Check Drivers

by thissheepisdeadly In reply to flickering problem

I have also seen weird gfx issues when I first got my 8800GT almost 2 years ago. It looked like the pixels would fade and change colour even though nothing was loading and I was looking at my static desktop. Even when completely covering my desktop with a black background and hiding all icons, I would still see the odd pink or blue pixel. :S

I thought it was my screen initially, but later discovered my gfx drivers were outdated. After installing the updated drivers, all was well. :)

I would start there. It's quicker and cheaper than troubleshooting hardware. Once it's been confirmed that software is not the issue, move on to the PSU as that's easy to swop out for another one.

Leave the onboard screencard on the MB for last as that's the most expensive if you break it.

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flickering problem

by balge In reply to flickering problem

Is the new PSU same/higher rating compred to the old one? might be a power issue, make sure all the power leads are plugged in tight.
Is this on a CRT or LCD screen ? try checking refresh rate(LCD 60Hz) and substituting monitors if possible and as mentioned try a different driver, check Asus and graphic card makers sites for any alternatives

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