Flight Simlator X performance

By Proteus55 ·
Hi guys,
I've got a friend who's been trying to play flight simulator x at its full potential. The game plays perfectly in most scenarios except cities. Whenever we approach a city, it takes a while for the game to render the buildings.

Any ideas on what could be the cause of this?

The system specifications is as follows.

OS: Windows Vista

Windows Experience Index Rating: 5.6
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 @ 2.4GHz 2.39GHz
System Type: 32-bit
Video Card:ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2
Sound Card: RealTek High Definition Audio
Hard Disk Size/Free Space: 465GB/353GB

Windows Experience Index:

Process: 5.9
Memory: 5.6
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 5.9
Primary hard disk: 5.9

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Try running it at a lower resolution ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Flight Simlator X perform ...

Today's games have resolutions that would slow down even the most highly tuned video cards, because they are future-proofed. They will continue to impress gamers as graphics cards continue to develop and drop in price.

You haven't listed a top-end card here, and even if you had it would still have difficulties with everything turned on.

Lower the resolution, and/or turn down some of the more GPU-intensive details like 'shadows' and 'specular lighting'.

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Resolution or the AA

by mikedyne In reply to Try running it at a lower ...

Anti Aliasing can use up an incredible amount of GPU resources too. If that's on, turn it off, or drop the level of AA at least. I find this makes a massive difference.

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AA is set to use application settings

by Proteus55 In reply to Resolution or the AA

Hi guys,
Thanks for the feedback.

I've already checked the AA settings and its already set to "Use application settings"

The main goal of this exercise is to get FSX going smoothly with all the details set to full.

At the moment, the game works fine if the details have been reduced but gets a bit laggy if everything is set to full

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Try turning off Aero

by Jacky Howe In reply to Flight Simlator X perform ...

and running Classic or Basic it would be good to see if it makes a difference. My old thumper seems to have improved a little speed wise.

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