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By jkameleon ·
When I woke up this morning, here's what I've seen where the street should have been

<a href="img">http://share.ovi.com/media/jkameleon.Poplave/jkameleon.10006"><img src="http://media.share.ovi.com/m1/lt/2444/3f1c5aaaa054465e9856f5f413514356.jpg" border="0" title="DSC01801 - Share on Ovi" alt="DSC01801 - Share on Ovi" width="280" height="210" /></a>

Went out, made a couple of pics and videos


Water's not getting higher- for the time being. There's occasional sound of emergency vehicle sirens, and the air smells of petroleum because of heating oil spilled somewhere upstream.

This suxx

At least we still got electricity & internet.

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Appros of nothing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Flooded! :(

I have a dripping kitchen, and my hot water cylinder has sprung a wee leak, just after we turned the heating back on for the winter .

Looks like I'm getting an early Xmas present, a plumber....

May not be enough money left for my traditional mince pie and bottle of JD

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you folks all get rain

by PurpleSkys In reply to Appros of nothing

over there? We had some heavy rain the other day but nothing like that...although we have had some nasty stuff in the past http://ldmsoftware.com/Community/Flood/Index.htm that was a few years ago grant you. We were lucky where we live, the waters didn't come up that high, but we were cut off from the other side of the river where town is for a couple days.

Hope you guys dry out OK

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This is the primordial year...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to you folks all get rain

Think about it; a winter draped in heavy snow. Spring, an explosive affair, like a month-and-a-half week in Paris. Summer, hot as a furnace, dry except for the thunderstorms, seeming to last forever.
And now, autumn, stormy, rainy, blazing with colours.
I've also seen more rainbows this year than in the last ten years put together. One was ten metres away, five metres off the ground in our back yard.

This is a sign that the children growing now will be the next "greatest generation".
They'll remember just this year, and they'll tell their children how when they were kids, all years was like this.

Let's hope it gives them power enough to stand up to the troubles ahead.

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Nothing wrong with precipitation.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to you folks all get rain
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The weather cleared, I went for a walk, and took some more vids

by jkameleon In reply to Flooded! :(

Oaring the red light (video is not very good, but the semaphores are still working)


Underground parking garage... um... I wander what's inside


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Looks like

by NickNielsen In reply to The weather cleared, I we ...

Underground parking garage... um... I wander what's inside

...water. ;\

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... and a couple of underwater cars & stuff.

by jkameleon In reply to Looks like

It was a flash flood, sort of. Happened pretty quickly. According to the news, firefighters had to rescue a drowning guy trapped in the cellar. Doors were blocked by water & some junk. Luckily he got a cellphone.

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Underwater cars, flying cars...we're still waiting

by DMambo In reply to ... and a couple of under ...

We've been promised the underwater cars since the '50's, but this is no way to speed up the development. It's like developing flying cars by dropping them out of airplanes.

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It's all in the glide path...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Underwater cars, flying c ...

If they are dropped from an airplane, they will have a similar glide path to a baby grand piano

Must be fun to watch, as long as you aren't under the spot it picks to "land" :)

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That wasn't me, I swear!

by jkameleon In reply to Flooded! :(

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