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floppie drive problem

By tmp914 ·
i have win 98 and my floppie drive does not see any data on disk message says drive not formatted would you like to format now, it used to work fine a few weeks ago I removed a cdrom drive and added a cd burner the install went ok, any help please? Thanks Tom

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floppie drive problem

by dmiles In reply to floppie drive problem

Check the floppy drive cable to make sure that it is secure onto motherboard and to the floppy

This problem can crop up anytime,most often with a floppy that is used frequently,the heads may have become misaligned,try pushing the disk into the floppy a little father to see if the clip will move to engage the floppy.

You can try copying the files from the drive to the hard drive,format the drive and then copy the files back to another floppy.

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floppie drive problem

by amoeba In reply to floppie drive problem

Also, have you used the disk in anouther computer? Say one running NT/2000; I have noticed that sometimes the headsget misalligned on one floppy drive and the disk will quit with all others. Best bet in this case is to return to the previous computer and transfer the files by FTP.
Hope this helps and good luck.


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floppie drive problem

by mcarlsobay In reply to floppie drive problem

Well you stated you installed a burner, you may have disconnected the IDE cable to get to your burner easier and then reconnected the IDE cable backwards on floppy drive, Question: does the floppy drive light stay on?, if so it is a sure sign that IDE cable is connected backwards on floppy drive, if this is not the case replace floppy drive, they are very cheap..... Good luck....

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floppie drive problem

by AyukNotna In reply to floppie drive problem


make sure you check your BIOS during bootup just to see if your computer recognizes your floppy disk drive...

...if so, i suggest you replace the FDD cable with a new one, the one installed might be defective.

...if not, check the orientation of the cable if the red line-you will notice than from your FDD cable-is attached to pin 1, then make sure the wire from power supply is properly attached and also press firmly the other end of the cable in your motherboard.

hope this help.

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floppie drive problem

by tmp914 In reply to floppie drive problem

everyone thanks, I installed another floppie i had around NG, new cable NG,checked bios ok, but then i was checking it out and I clicked a: drive with no disk installed than installed disk and clicked again it worked !, thanks to all who replied Tom

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