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floppy access problem

By hanouni5 ·
I have this message when I try to have access to my floppy disk :
Disk is not formatted
The disk in drive A is not formatted.
Do you want to format it now?
if I say yes I have the following :
The disk in drive A CAN NOT BE FORMATED
The floppy was working well and it is 3 months old, this problem started after I used ontrack easy recovery to recover data from floppy disk (or after a windows update before installation of SP2).
I have XP pro SP2 with Athlon 3000+(SP2 can not be responsable for that prob)
I disabled and to disconnected (only the map not teh power ) the floppy drive but no result.
I checked I system and everything is OK, the drive A is working properly, the driver is also OK.
The disks are ok and unlocked, I tried them in another computer.


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by aquias2000 In reply to floppy access problem

Okay, first off, verify the disks in a second system. If you can read that disk on a different system, your problem is probably with the floppy drive.

If you can read the disks on a second system, then save a file to a different floppy and try to read it in the above system. You may find that even if the A drive is reporting that it is working fine it may still be unable to read the disk.

Another option may be to download from this site . They have a shareware version that will at least allow you to verify if you can save any of the data on the disk (the full version cost about 40 dollars I believe). The full version is the one that will allow you to save the data.

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by ChrisCox1987 In reply to floppy access problem

okay you might have a bad disk, locked, or have a bad floppy drive. To unlcoked the disk in tgfhe upper righ side side you will see a switch turn that switch to the unlocked postition

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by _appreciated In reply to floppy access problem

i would uninstall the ontrack easy-recovery program. It could possibly fighting windows for control of the floppy drive and cause it to look unavailable to windows. Or try the floppy drive in another computer to rule out hardware failure (just because something is new doesn't mean it works....)

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by OTL In reply to floppy access problem

Agree with answer #3, only because I have not had any luck getting on-track software to not mess with my system settings.

Could also try safe mode and see if you have floppy access/write capabilities.

Could also stop on-track software with msconfig (not sure if this is available in XP Pro, but is in the startup configuration)

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by hanouni5 In reply to floppy access problem

Answer 3 looks like more possibly the solution
I will uninstall Easyrecovery and try again
Thanks to all very kind people.

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