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    Floppy drive keeps on unformatting


    by dwtk9 ·

    I currently have this probelm the floppy drive on my PC keeps on unformatting diskettes when I insert my diskettes in.

    I first thought it was the drive problem and purchased a new floppy drive. The computer still does it on the new drive. Cna anybody tell me a solution and how to solve it.

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      Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      I assume that what you mean by “unformatting” is that the diskettes don’t work after being in your drive.

      Four possibilities
      virus or rogue program
      bad floppy drive
      bad floppy controller or cable
      incorrect configuration in CMOS

      I’ve seen all of them but I would bet on the virus. You might want to try putting in a write-protected diskette and see if the same thing happens.


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      Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      by ab2hu ·

      In reply to Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      By unformatting I assume that your computer is basically making them unreadable. If this is so, obviously something is wrong in your configuration. Go into the system BIOS and check to make sure it says the right kind of drive. That is the most important part of this. If that is correct, or it doesn’t work, You can try a new floppy controller. To do this, you must shut it off in the BIOS, and buy a new controller card. Make sure you set the controller card up for ONLY controlling theFloppy Disk Drive. If anything else is enabled, it will cause a conflict. For more detailed information, please email me at Good Luck !

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      Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      by bdgray ·

      In reply to Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      If your floppy dravie cable is on backwards it can wipr out any disk in the drive when you boot your system up. i.e. If you put a DOS boot disk in the drive and start up your computer it would be wiped out. Flip your cable around so that the red strip is on the opposite side of the drive that it is now.

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      Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      by askewna ·

      In reply to Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      I’ve never heard of this error before. My question is: what did you do before this error started happening? What OS? What type of diskette (i.e. unformatted), are these diskette’s old/new, there’s to much to be left out. It does seem to be a drive issue, I would suggest a motherboard problem.

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      Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      by strider ·

      In reply to Floppy drive keeps on unformatting

      I am of the same opinion ASKEWNA. What was the system doing before this problem started.
      The only way that a floppy can unformat a disc is by reverse polarity. This would totally remove the media. Can you try and reformat the discs at all.


      Which leads me to three possible conclusions:

      1. There has been an massive internal energy discharge. This can only come from the power supply.
      2. The drive has been set for the Japanese 2.88Mb drive setup. This has been known to completelywipe the media from the standard 1.44Mb discs.
      3. And most highly probable is a rouge virus residing in the boot sector of your harddrive or in the BIOS ROM.

      Out of interest have you Upgraded or Flashed the BIOS within the last few months.

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