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Floppy drive not working

By kkthree ·
How can I activate floppy drive(to work) in Bios?.Previously floppy drive used to work properly after some changes made in Bios , it is not working, means not recognizing floppy.Always floppy drive bulb(indicator)is gloving from system startup time to shutdown time.Whats the problem with floppy drive?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Floppy drive not working

I would check the connection cable, it may be on backwards. This could cause the light to stay on and the drive not to function properly.

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by donmars In reply to Floppy drive not working

Yes on the drive end plug for the cable turn the connector upside down. Drive light on constantly is usually a signal for the connector in wrong side up.

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by dmiles In reply to Floppy drive not working

Enter the Bios setup,check the boot screen or locate the floppy drive,use the arrow keys,highlight the floppy and press enter you should get a popup menu that will give you choice to enable or floppy seek at startup

Check the floppy cable as suggested in other answers,because the light is continously engaging on.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Floppy drive not working

I agree is the access light is always on this is an indication the the cable has been reversed. If you look at the cable one edge should have a colored stripe on it. Turn off PC and reverse this cable, the access light shouldn't be on when you reboot and drive should work. If it still doesn't work check bios settings that it is properly configured i.e drive type = 1.44MB and if bios has it that FLOPPY DRIVE SEEK is enabled and SWAP FLOPPY DRIVE is disabled.

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by kkthree In reply to

Hi, I reversed the data cable(as per Colored edge) and made the chages in BIOS like Floppy Seek=Enable,Swap=Disable and Type=1.44MB also.The indicator is not at all glowing.But I got new problem at the time of startup, screen is showing "Floppy drive fail(40)" and giving options press DEL to continue or DEL to setup.Still drive is not recognizing folppy.

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by cglrcng In reply to Floppy drive not working

Check the connection again, that red colered edge should be on the side that the power plug is plugged into the floppy drive (or the pin #1 side). If you got a floppy fail message I would remove the floppy drive, take the cover off and look for obstructions, dust etc. **** it out w/ canned compressed air, check the pins & re-install it. You might want to check it w/ a new or known good drive. If the light is on then the cable is backward period or there is a disk in the drive, make sure the eject button is pushed in. Can also while it is out of the puter insert a floppy disk and eject a few times. It sometimes helps if it hasn't been used in a while. That light should flash during boot. Might also want to check another power cable on the drive if avail. from the power supply too.

Good Luck.

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by cglrcng In reply to

The ribbon cable might not be seated in the board connection properly of cable could also be bad.

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by arithemagnificent In reply to Floppy drive not working

Reverse the IDE cable of the floppy when the PC is off.

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