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Floppy drive problem...

By crazy_injun43 ·
Why does my floppy drive keep lighting up and expecting a disk to be inserted every few moments? I have tried un-installing the floppy disk controller and then re-installing it, but it keeps activating for some reason????.....

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by XT John In reply to Floppy drive problem...

When did you first notice the problem? What programs are running? Anti-virus programs can look to the floppy drive (generally, when your logging off to check if a disk was left in), or another program that you use floppies to store/read from, such as Word or Quicken. What happens if you insert a floppy disk into the drive?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Floppy drive problem...

Really any program that looks at removable drives for data or potential problems can cause this to happen.

If you have a AV or Spy Ware program running in the background that is failing and restarting this can happen or one of the Live Scanners will cause this to happen as well.

You'll have to look at your software load and try disabling one program or running application at a time until it stops occurring. Once you know what is causing this you then need to decide if you need this piece of software. If you are running XP you can go into the Task Manager and kill one running Process at a time until it stops happening.

Quite often several games can cause this to happen as well even when they are not running just installing then can affect the OS and cause unexpected occurrences to happen.


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