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Floppy Drive Problems

By smwatkin ·
I replaced a floppy drive in my computer and rebooted PC and now I'm getting Diskette Drive A error. I replace cables and still getting error. I need help ASAP. Thanks.

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by Chris910 In reply to Floppy Drive Problems

--It is very easy to get the ribbon cable in backwards on some drives. (both end for end and 180 deg.)
--Is the power connection OK?

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by smwatkin In reply to Floppy Drive Problems

I'm not seeing any lights on the floppy drive when I power on the PC. You think the power supply could be the cause of the problem.?

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by VinnyD In reply to Floppy Drive Problems

When you boot your computer the floppy drive light should come on and go off.

If the led stays on, it means you have the ribbon cable in backwards.

If the led never comes on, then the power connector to the floppy is not plugged in.

If the power cable is plugged in, remove it and try the other other connector (most computers have 2 floppy power connectors).

If that does not work, you will need to try the new floppy drive in another computer to see if it works (the floppy you just put in may just be bad).

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by TheChas In reply to Floppy Drive Problems

Yes, it does sound like a power problem.
Or possibly a dead drive.
Make sure that the power connector is properly connected. Even with the data cable disconnected, the light on the drive should lite for a few seconds when you power up the PC.

In addition to getting power to the drive, you need to check 2 settings to assure that Windows will recognize and install the drive.

In BIOS settings, make sure that the option to report new drives to Windows is enabled.

In System Properties, (right click on My Computer)
File System / floppy
Make sure that the box to search for new floppy drives is checked.


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by glenn In reply to Floppy Drive Problems

Sounds like a cabling or power issue.

First - bang head against the wall (works for me some of the time)

Second... check the cables -

the red line on the outmost side of the cable should be closest to the power input on the floppy drive-

make sure the cables are seated in 100%

Another option - visit the Bios and make sure the Floppy is enabled (for both read and write)

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