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Floppy Drive will not save or open files

By amdanny30 ·
Can someone help me put my flopy disk drive to work. I bought a motherboard with AMD 2.2GHz proccesor and my floppy drive has refused to work eversince. I have checked all the and rechecked the BIOS settings but all to no avail. There is power, it responds when the system start up. All other devices are ok. what can I do.

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by LMon In reply to Floppy Drive will not sav ...

Put the floppy drive on another pc and see if the same problem happens it might be that the floppy has gone bad. Also check your cabling to see if they are secure and correct.

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by stress junkie In reply to Floppy Drive will not sav ...

If the floppy drive is NOT USB, but attaches to the
motherboard the old fashioned way then check the
drive active light on the floppy drive. If it is always on
then the cable connector is flipped.

Also check the device id jumper to see if it is set to
device a or device b.

If you have a floppy cable that accomodates two floppy
drives and if some of the cable wires are twisted
between the two drive connectors then the floppy drive
id is set by the cable position. IBM did this so that they
could put two floppy drives in a computer and set the
device id on both floppies to device a. If you have a two
floppy cable with the cable twisted between the floppy
connectors and if you are putting the floppy on the end
connector with the device id jumper on the floppy set
at a then the motherboard sees the floppy as device b.
The lesson there is that if you only have one floppy
drive then use a floppy cable with one device
connector. Whew!

So, check the motherboard BIOS to see if you've
enabled floppy device a. Check the drive active light to
see if it is always on. If it is then flip the connector. Use
a floppy cable that has only one floppy device

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by BorgInva In reply to Floppy Drive will not sav ...

First, use a can of compressed air and **** inside the floppy entrance.
Put in a 98 boot disk (or some other boot disk) and see if the mahcine boots off it. Let it boot into DOS and not Windows. This will tell you if it is Windows or the drive itself. Now we can narrow it down.
If you can boot into DOS, it is a Windows compatability issue.
If you can not boot into DOS using the boot disk, then the drive itself has an issue, or maybe it is BIOS.
If it does not boot into DOS, and BIOS is all set, put it in another PC and see what happens. If it works, it is a problem with your MB or BIOS.
Hmmm, what next, what next?????
Okay, if the floppy does work in another PC and not yours, try another floppy drive in yours.
So many troubleshooting choices.
Just narrow it down from here. I do not want to continue getting you confused with my jumping around.

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