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Floppy makes horrible sounds

By mansari2 ·
I have a technical question to ask. I've been working on a disc on a laptop for a while. I tried running it and it opened on my computer but was making these horrible sounds. I saved the info to my network space and then ejected the
disc. i tried another disc in my computer to see whether it was just that disc
that was causing probs or my computer disc reader, the other floppy worked
perfectly well w/o making any sounds etc. so i inserted the first disc that was
giving me probs back into the computer. and the computer said the disc needed
to be formatted. Is there any way of saving the info on the disc, or is it a
lost case?

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by Ann777 In reply to Floppy makes horrible sou ...

Did you save the disk to your network space? And can you see what was saved?

One thing you can try is taking the floppy back to the original machine that used/created it (drive heads do go out of alignment and it is possible that the only computer that can read the floppy is the one with the drive heads that are misaligned) and seeing if you can manipulate that data that way -- ie. save it to the hdd and transfer it (via network) to another drive (not using the floppy drive with the possibly mis-aligned heads).

Failing that, try one of the many data recovery tools.

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by mansari2 In reply to

Do you know any of the free data recovery tools.

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by csmith In reply to Floppy makes horrible sou ...

If you saved the information to your network space, as you say, you have the information stored, and do not have to worry about the information on the disk.
These "horrible noises" are a disk problem.
Data recovery may, or may not, work.
Norton (Symantec) is probably the most widely used.
Check the little metal door, to make sure it is sliding back properly.
If not, you can remove it.(Get rid of the spring also.)
The floppy will work, and protecting the disk in the future, from dirt, is not a consideration.
Once you get anything else you want off of it, throw it in the trash.
Do not format, the error message is false.
Regards, Chris

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by mansari2 In reply to
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by mansari2 In reply to Floppy makes horrible sou ...

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