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Flppy write protected switch

By sohaib102 ·
Can any one please tell me that how a floppy's write protected switch mechanism work.I want to know that what happen when we make a floppy write protected (i mean to it's mechanism that how write protected switch works)
Kindly please help me as fast as possible

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by JEPott In reply to Flppy write protected swi ...

Floppy write protecting... if I understand your question right, you simply want to understand how the write protection works on the actual disk (moving the little mechanism to protect). Well, it's fairly simple - the floppy drive has a small device that detects wether or not that notch or mechanism is set - if it's set then it will not write to the disk... likewise, if it is not set then it will write to the disk. Now, I have seen this mechanism get damaged in a floppy drive and thus rendering all floppies as protected - not very useful if you need to create a new disk. Hope that helps.


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by TheChas In reply to Flppy write protected swi ...

The write protect switch can either be a "micro-switch", or a sensor that checks to see if the write protect slot is open.

Commercial write protected disks just leave the slide to cover the write protect slot off.

The switch sends a data bit to the floppy controller as to whether the disk is write protected or not.

The drive controller reports this information to the driver and the operating system if a write command is attempted with a write protected disk in the drive.

There are MANY ways to bypass floppy disk write protection.


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