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Flush or move messages stuck in queue

By jdgretz ·
How can I get rid of messages stuck in the queue - awaiting delivery? I'd like to get them delivered to the user rather than simply deleting them. I'be tried the force connection option without any positive results.

Any thoughts?



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On that same note...

by Spelurker In reply to Flush or move messages st ...

Is there a shortcut for either deleting or forcing the connection for multiple messages in the queue at one time. Whenever I've tried, I've had to do it one at a time.

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Multiple Deletes are easy

by jdgretz In reply to On that same note...

Same with most MS stuff - highlight the range to delete, right click and delete without notification (or with if you prefer). The queue has a force connection option, but it is not having any effect in this matter.

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Force connection not working

by curlergirl In reply to Multiple Deletes are easy

In that case, either the recipient's email domain doesn't exist or is unreachable for some reason. As long as most email is going out from your domain, it's probably not a problem at your end. There's nothing you can do about this except delete the messages or let them die a natural death (i.e., reach the timeout period and expire).

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Close, but the wrong way

by jdgretz In reply to Force connection not work ...

It's not the outbound that I'm having problems with, it's the inbound - and naturally it's the owners inbox that is the biggest problem.

I may have it solved, however, as I recently did some server maintenance and manually stopped all services and then restarted them. It looks like the problem was the services service (how's that for the department of redundancy department???).


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Who are the users stucking messagerms in the queue?

by Marcelo Thalenberg In reply to Flush or move messages st ...

Observing all users you will notice x% only stucking messages in the queue. Who are them? Are they from the same department? are most managers? are they from the sales team? Since people are not usually trained to use e-mail, they use at their own emotional way. This is a matter of behavior or change management. Understanding the group of users with same behavior and a 30 minutes training is a starting point to solve the problem.

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