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FNM (Friday Night Music) Heads-Up for Tonight

By maxwell edison ·
Don't post your FNM music selections in this discussion. This is just a heads-up for tonight's FNM:

FNM Unplugged - professional or amateur

Solo acoustical guitar, unplugged, any genre, professional musician or amateur, poplar or unknown. Could include a second, or possibly a third instrument, as long as it's unplugged and has that unplugged sound. A second guitar and a stand-up bass, for example, might work. And to make it even more interesting, there's actually no limit as to the number of people playing, as long as they're all unplugged and have that unplugged sound.

But if it doesn't have that unplugged sound, it will be a potential target for BOOS. If the music really sucks - someone posts a terrible amateur, for example - BOOS might be appropriate. If you post an artist who's already been listed - BOO.

Each sub-thread will have to be a comment on the original post and/or another unplugged song from the same artist. Someone might post their favorite Eric Clapton unplugged, for example, and someone else posts another Clapton unplugged as a reply. Any and all comments are appropriate.

It will begin at 7PM Eastern Time (note to self: that's 5PM Mountain Time), which is about 9 hours from the time this heads-up was posted, and I (Maxwell Edison) will start it.

Bump this message as anyone deems appropriate.

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So, for those of us on the correct side of the Atlantic

by neilb@uk In reply to FNM (Friday Night Music) ...

That would be midnight. That's why you never get many Brits posting at the start of the thread. We're already into Saturday Morning Music.

Ah, and this my favourite musical form as well.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to So, for those of us on th ...

Minor misnomer. We play all weekend, and sometimes well into the week.
Come out to play! Who cares what day of the weekend it is!

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Absolutely correct

by maxwell edison In reply to FNM

I second that emotion.

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As for time

by jdclyde In reply to FNM

it has often gone late into the night. Been on posting with Boxie and Scummy as late as 3am on more than one occasion, so it could still be going strong.

I know I will be late showing up. Track meet tonight.

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I really am sorry, Neil

by maxwell edison In reply to So, for those of us on th ...

But you must admit, as much as we love you Brits, there are more of your black sheep cousins on the wrong side of the Atlantic who post to the discussions. And considering that this is a world-wide forum, not any time would be best for everyone. Start it earlier, and people at work couldn't fully participate, post it later, and people (in the USA) go to bed, etc.

However, these FNM things almost always continue into Saturday and Sunday. Please post your comments and selections, whenever that might be. Personally, I'd love to hear them.

Heck, you post yours over Saturday morning coffee (or tea?), and some night-owl in California might still be up.

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Some night owl

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I really am sorry, Neil

in Noobyoobywabba too. B-)
Lotsa grading this weekend. Final Exams yesterday...

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to FNM (Friday Night Music) ...

I tweeted your OP Max. Or more properly the link to it. It's been re-tweeted. Maybe we'll have more players.

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Gee, I've never been tweeted before

by maxwell edison In reply to Bwaahahaha!

< smiley face >

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Apparently there is a real toonz head there.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Gee, I've never been [i]t ...

He has spent the day re-tweeting music tweets. Somewhere, there's a Friday Morning Music Club. Who knew?

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Time to Bump.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to FNM (Friday Night Music) ...
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