Folder Access

By wancona ·
On my SBS 2003, I have folder redirection on all client My Documents folders. All of a sudden, they are no longer allowed to create or delete the folders or files that are in the My documents folder. It says that access is denied. But they are able to execute the files. If there is a Word document in there, they can open it, change it. But can't save the changes bak to the My Documents folder. Anyone know why this might be?

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NTFS or Share

by jimmy-jam In reply to Folder Access

Have you verified that the users have the proper NTFS permissions on the folder? Also if the folders that you are using are shared folders your effective permissions are going to be the most restrictive sum of the NTFS and Share permissions. Also if you are allowing inherited permissions on the folder it could be inheritting permissions from the parent folder.

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Group Policy

by wancona In reply to NTFS or Share

I set up folder redirection via Group Policy. Yesterday, everyone was able to access and make changes to their own folder, but no anyone else. Today, they can't make changes. There hasn't been any know changes since last night. But I'll check the permissions. I was just wondering if it being implemented via Group Policy made a difference or not.

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Check your

by Dumphrey In reply to Group Policy

GPO path to home folders, and make sure people have permissiosn to the "root" folder for home folders.
c:\Home Folders\ everyone full, or at min everyone read execute and traverse
c:\Home Folders\UserA\ userA full access, no one else any permissoins
c:\Home Folders\UserA\My Documents same as immediate parrent.

We use document redirection, and in 2 or 3 cases, I have mapped a home drive for "convenience" and testing (check replication between server and local box).

net use H: "\\\Home Folders\%username%\My Documents" /persistent:no

is the command I use. Change this around to meat your needs, mount a home folder, and then check permissions on that.

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Folder Access

by srikant8 In reply to Folder Access

If the you are accessing the folder before then there is no problem, copy the folder on same location and rename on it and try sharing that folder, if it works delete the original one and rename the copy one back again. i know sometime its very difficult in between xp-98-or to any other enviroment but, it will work. As becuase of knowledge based win 98 and xp has different structure one is FAT file system and another NTFS file system.

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